How to Draw Sushi (Step by Step & Easy Guide to Sushi Drawing)

how to draw sushi

How to Draw Sushi Step by Step  Sushi is a traditional rice dish in Japan, but it is also made in other regions. In other words, it is symbolic of Japan. Shushi is a famous dish worldwide consisting of seafood, vegetable, and vinegared rice.  There are various types of sushi that are famous worldwide, as … Read more

How to Draw Onigiri (Rice Bowl) – How to Draw a Cute Rice, Rice Bowl Drawing Tutorial for Kids


Step Wise Guide for drawing a Rice Dish This easy-to-explain tutorial will show you how to draw a rice bowl influenced by anime or manga. A total of 12 steps are included, each with comprehensive drawing examples. Rice bowls may be found in a wide variety of anime and manga. Although they appear to be … Read more

How to Easily Draw a Cute Candy Apple (Kawaii candy apple drawing)


A Step-by-Step Guide to a Candy Apple Drawing This lesson demonstrates how to draw a candy apple in eight easy stages, with examples of line drawing, coloring, and shading, as well as quick drawing suggestions.   Candy apples aren’t just found in anime and manga, but they’re a regular sight in ones that contain a … Read more

How to Draw a Slice of Cake Step by Step Using 2 different Methodologies (Cake Drawing in Kawaii Style and Anime & Manga Style) Breif & Easy Guide


This twelve-step lesson demonstrates how to draw a strawberry shortcake slice in an anime/manga style. Cake slice drawing step by step  Drawing a cake slice, like many other tutorials on AnimeOutline, has nothing to do with anime. On the other hand, the small Japanese cake is frequently seen in situations where the protagonists visit a … Read more