How to Draw a Slice of Cake Step by Step Using 2 different Methodologies (Cake Drawing in Kawaii Style and Anime & Manga Style) Breif & Easy Guide

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This twelve-step lesson demonstrates how to draw a strawberry shortcake slice in an anime/manga style.

Cake slice drawing step by step 


step wise cake slice drawing

Drawing a cake slice, like many other tutorials on AnimeOutline, has nothing to do with anime. On the other hand, the small Japanese cake is frequently seen in situations where the protagonists visit a café or consume sweets. It’s not difficult to draw a slice of it, but the examples and drawing suggestions in this article might make it even simpler. Begin with a pencil sketch and add light liens that are easy to erase. You may darken them once you’ve added the color.

Cake slice outline drawing

Step 1  

  strawberry shortcake slice in an anime and manga style step 1

The slice will be rendered in 3/4 view, considerably underneath the level of the viewer’s eyes in this scenario (meaning you will be able to see the top of the slice). This is a nice layout since it puts your cakes in a place where you’ll notice them.

Cake slice angle drawing

  Cake slice angle and outline drawing


If you were to sketch the cake directly from one side without displaying the top of the slice, it would appear odd. The person eating the cake would have to hold it at eye level and stare directly at one of its edges to get such a perspective. Instead, begin by tracing the primary form of the slice (without any embellishments), as seen in the example above. Because the cake slice is rarely exact in shape, you can make your lines somewhat wavy to make them appear more genuine.

Add Some Frosting

Step 2

  Frosting addition in strawberry shortcake

Place a “blob” of frosting on top of the slice, on which the strawberry will sit. Its form should resemble an oval when viewed from this perspective. Draw it appropriately and place it at the rear of the slice. When you’re finished, remove the frosting-overlapping portion of the slice outline.

Cake slice strawberry drawing

Step 3 

  cake slice strawberry drawing in anime and manga style

Place the strawberry on top of the cream, with the bottom pointing upwards, as indicated in the illustration. Then, draw it directly on top of the cream “blob,” erasing the cream outline where the two forms intersect.

Cake slice plate outline drawing

Step 4

  Cake slice plate outline drawing

Finally, draw the contour of the dish on which the cake will be served. The plate will seem oval depending on the angle at which it is drawn.

Cake plate proportions

  Cake plate proportions

In comparison to the bottom, the top of this oval should be somewhat flattened. This implies that if you split the plate horizontally in half, the top half should be narrower than the bottom half. The objective of sketching in this manner is to demonstrate perspective, making objects appear smaller as they move further away. The upper half of the plate will look smaller since it is farther away from the viewer. For further information, visit the perspective instruction mentioned previously.

Cake slice plate details drawing

Step 5 

  Cake slice plate details drawing

Add a little of an edge to the plate’s inner rim, so it seems thicker than it is.

Cake slice layers drawing

Step 6 

  Cake slice layers drawing

Outline the layers on the slice’s side. In this situation, it will mainly consist of the two cake parts. The icing will be the region around them.

Cake slice strawberry slices drawing.

Step 7 

  Cake slice strawberry slices drawing

Draw some strawberry slices in the center of the icing. Each one should be in the shape of a sliced-in-half strawberry.

Cake slice strawberry slices insides drawing.

Step 8 

  Cake slice strawberry slices insides drawing.

Draw a tiny form inside each strawberry slice that is identical to the contour but has jagged edges. Project a few wavy lines of varying lengths from each of these center portions as well.

Cake slice layer details drawing.

Step 9 

  Cake slice layer details drawing.

Along the two sections of the cake, draw various pore indications. Make the shapes, sizes, and placements as random as possible.

Cake slice Finish Line Drawing

Step 10  

  Cake slice line drawing

Add seeds to the strawberry to complete the line painting. Draw some curves around the seeds to illustrate that they are indented in the fruit. Once you’ve completed this, please double-check that your design is correct and trace over it with darker outlines.

Cake slice coloring

Step 11 

  Cake slice coloring

Make the dough sections yellow (with a little orange/brown added in) to color the cake. Make the top strawberry red and the strawberry slices pink with a red outline around the borders. The middles of the slices might be a brighter pink. Leave a tiny cluster of white dots to give a highlight when shading the top strawberry. Strawberries have a gleaming, light-reflecting surface, and the highlight will assist in bringing it out. You want a few tiny dots rather than just one large one to suggest that the berry’s surface is a little uneven, which helps to break up the light. You may use very light yellow icing and keep the dish white.

Cake slice drawing

Step 12  

  Cake slice drawing


Finish the drawing with some simple shading. The light will come from above the slice, somewhat behind it, and to the right of the artwork in this example. The slice will throw a slight shadow on the plate as a result of this. You can use light grey to shade these regions. However, it also implies that the slice will be “in the shadow” on the side facing the spectator. Make the icing down the sides a slightly deeper yellow than the frosting on the top to show this color.

You may also shade behind the cream that surrounds the top strawberry and around the bottom of the strawberry and the region just beneath it. Finally, apply a shadow on the plate from below (slightly more to the left side of the drawing). You should have a final sketch of a strawberry shortcake slice once you’ve completed the shading.

Kawaii Style on how to Draw a Slice of Cake

Drawing Cute Cake

Cute meals with faces are lovely no matter how you slice them! You may start with a delectable slice of cake by following these step-by-step instructions. On the other hand, you might opt to build a complete cake out of these figures because they’re so addictive and quick to make. Play around with emotions, colors, and toppings to create a one-of-a-kind delicious cake figure, and don’t forget to have fun!

  How to Draw Cake Step One

How to Draw Cake Step One

Basic Cake Slice Shape Drawing

Starting with massive, straightforward forms is the key to drawing. First, draw a simple pie slice (or, in this case, a cake slice). Remember that the back of the cake should be curved; after all, most cakes are round! Don’t be concerned with drawing super-straight lines. Having such curves adds to the charm. We’ll expand on this basic form.

  How to Draw Cake Step Two

How to Draw Cake Step Two

Add Frosting

The appearance of a layer of frosting is created by drawing a line slightly below the top of the cake. To produce a layer of frosting on the outside of the cake, turn the corner somewhat before the edge of the cake. Because I believe layer cakes are intrinsically cuter, I added a center layer of icing. You are free to add as many levels as you like!

  How to Draw Cake frosting Step Three

How to Draw Cake Step Three

Add Icing

Piping embellishments on your cake are a simple and adorable way to spice it up. Make a series of little ellipses around the posterior border; don’t worry about getting them the same size; having them about the same size is sufficient. I wouldn’t spend much more time sketching them evenly than piping them on an actual cake!

  How to Draw Cake icing Step Four

How to Draw Cake Step Four

Top With a Cherry

A maraschino cherry provides a splash of color! First, make a stem for a circle. On the top of my stem, I inserted a small knobby thing.

  how to draw cherry on the top in cake

Clean Up the Edges

The most excellent part about sketching cake is that it is far less messy than preparing one. Regardless, the drawing lines beneath the piping and the cherry need to be cleaned up. Then, you can see how it’s coming together!

  edges cleaning in cake drawing

How to Draw Cake Step Six

Add a Happy Face

It’s time to start sketching the face! Again, I went with a pretty joyful expression. Because a cake slice like this would most likely be on a sugar high all day, I wanted to depict a highly euphoric look.

  how to sketch face on the cake

How to Draw Cake Step Seven

Color the Lines

I determined that colorful lines were what I wanted, so I picked the colors and made them. You’ll also note that the lines have been somewhat altered. To make it appear more like cake and less like a block of wood, I curved the layers toward the frosting and softened a couple of the edges.

  coloring the lines in cake

How to Draw Cake Step Eight

Fill It In

This step is straightforward: Fill in the cake slice with a brighter color of the lines!

  cake slice filling

How to Draw Cake Step Nine

Shade the Cake Slice

Just add a slight shading to give the image some dimension—the cuter the character, the simpler the shading. To make the cherry seem shinier, I placed a dot of reflected light on the bottom.

  cake slice shading

How to Draw Cake Step Ten

Add Final Details

Thank you for finishing your gorgeous cake character! Why not make it some buddies now that you’ve learned how to do it? The flavor options, frostings, and toppers you may use to embellish your cake are endless.

DO’S & DON’TS: How to Draw with Colored Pencils


As stated at the outset of the instruction, a cake slice has nothing to do with anime. However, cakes, particularly strawberry shortcakes, are popular in anime and manga scenes featuring cafés, bakeries, and sweets in general. You can, of course, design various sorts of cakes using much the same processes and style.

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