Drawing Zetsu fom Naruto Shippuden (Step-By-Step Guide )

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This article will show you the step-by-step guide to drawing Zetsu while having fun. This guide will help you to learn how to draw Zetsu very easily.

Zetsu is a character from the manga series Naruto.

He is a member of Akatsuki.

He has the appearance of a black, skeletal humanoid with two different colors on his face. He is the leader of his own personal Akatsuki squad and the most powerful member among all of the Akatsuki members.

Zetsu uses a designed cloak that covers all of his body. He’s found wearing sandals to protect his legs.

The plantlike shape surrounding the head makes him more famous among kids.

How to draw Zetsu Step-By-Step | Naruto Shippuden Drawings


Outline Zetsu’s Pose

So here we go, let’s begin our drawing by sketching out Zetsu’s pose, and his pose is what will determine how other features of the body will be fixed.

For the plantlike shape surrounding the head, draw lines coming together to form edges facing up and a vertically slant line from the end of these lines down.

Finish the plantlike shape by joining these vertical slant lines together.

For Zetsu’s chest, draws a rectangular shape under the plantlike shape of the head so that there is space between them for Zetsu’s neck to be fixed.

For Zetsu’s head, oh!! Are you thinking he doesn’t have a head? Zetsu have a head, but the head is surrounded by a plantlike shape which makes the head not obvious.

Now draw an oval circle inside the plantlike shape so that the head is not big but of the size which suits his body. Add three horizontal lines inside the circle of the head; the first one will serve as the basis of the eyes, the second horizontal line will be for the nose, and the last horizontal line will be used to fix the mouth. Add a vertical line crossing these horizontal lines of the head, which will be used to align the facial features, make sure the line extend out of the circle to outline the neck.

For the arms, add slant lines slightly from the sides of the rectangular shape of the chest and attach the shape of the hands under the lines of the arms.

Now for Zetsu’s waist, draw a circle on the lower part of the rectangular shape of the chest that the circle is bigger than that of the head, and it should be round in shape.

Outline Zetsu’s Pose

Draw the Plantlike Shape Surrounding Zetsu’s Head

Do you want to know how to draw the plantlike shape surrounding his head? If yes, let me quickly walk you through the easiest way to draw that and maybe in another unique appearance.

Firstly, draw a curve around the sides of the shape you drew for the plantlike shape but make sure these curves don’t meet.

Draw the fork-like pattern (edges around the head) at the upper part of these curves to look like fingers facing each other.

Add more fork-like patterns so it looks like the continuation of the already existing pattern; this time, extend the fork-like pattern towards the direction of the neck. As you already know, the plantlike pattern surrounds the head, and since these edges around the head don’t meet until it reaches the jaw, you should be assured that the head will still be visible.

Draw the Plantlike Shape Surrounding Zetsu’s Head

Zetsu Facial Features Drawing

Let’s start with the facial features by tracing down the vertical line of the head; this vertical line will be used to divide the face into two.

After that we move to the eyes, draw small circles on the horizontal line you drew for the basis of the eyes so that the vertical line of the face segregates the eyes.

Add the nose using the horizontal line you drew for the basis of the nose, and you can also add the line for the mouth while it’s also aligning to the direction of the head.

The left ear is not that visible, but you can draw the shape of the right ear with the lines attached to it. Now that you have the facial features let’s move to the next step.

Zetsu Facial Features Drawing

Zetsu Hair Drawing

The next step is to draw his hair; you can easily draw the hair by making a zigzag line at the top of the head to make it look spiky. Make sure the hair is also aligned to the direction of the head.

Zetsu Hair Drawing

Draw the Collar of Zetsu’s Cloak

The collar of the cloak is attached to the plantlike that surrounds the head and is also wide open, making it less complicated.

Draw curved lines from the right side of the plantlike surrounding the head towards the chest and draw a bent line from the left side so that these lines meet at the lower part of the chest and form a “V” shape of the collar.

You can add more lines to the sides of the collar, so it looks more realistic.

Draw the Collar of Zetsu’s Cloak

Zetsu Cloak Drawing

The next step is to complete the cloak you’ve started.

For the sleeves of the cloak, since Zetsu is facing the left side, this makes the left side of the sleeveless obvious while the right side is seen.

For the left sleeve, draw slant lines vertically from the left side of the collar to the basic shape of the left hand.

For the right sleeve, the right sleeve is connected to the collar, so draw the right sleeve so that it completely covers the right arm and hands.

Finish up the cloak by drawing the lower part of the cloak; the cloak looks like a full jacket that covers the body and passes the joint of the knee.

Draw a vertical line from the helm of the right sleeve down, another vertically curved line from the left side of the sleeve, and another vertical line from the end of the collar of the cloak towards the knee’s joint.

Join these three vertical lines together with a horizontally curved line. You can add another vertical line to the vertical line at the center of the cloak so that it forms the middle part of the cloak where the cloak separates into two sides.

Zetsu Cloak Drawing

Zetsu Leg Drawing

We can now finish Zetsu’s leg since the cloak is wide and long enough to cover two-thirds of the legs.

For the left leg, draw vertical lines under the horizontally curved line of the cloak so that the vertical line you drew for the basis of the leg appears in the middle of these lines.

For the right leg, draw the right leg in alignment with the direction of the feet (facing forward while the left foot is facing the left side of the body).

Zetsu Leg Drawing

Zetsu Footwear Drawing

Zetsu is wearing a classical sandal with a design, and to draw the sandal, manipulate the basic shape you drew for the feet into the proper shape of the sandal while it’s aligned in the direction of the feet.

Add the lines and dots to make the toes of the legs show outside the sandal.

Zetsu Footwear Drawing

Add Details

For this step, you don’t have to stress yourself.

Firstly, add lines to the plantlike surrounding the head; these lines can be in the form of doubled lines or patterns to make the plantlike realistic.

Add details to the Zetsu’s cloak; draw a ring-like shape on the cloak; you can draw one at the cloak’s center and at the cloak’s sides.

Add a horizontally curved line at the calf of his leg to add details to the legs.

Erase all excess lines and dots so your drawing will not look too weird.

Add Details in your Zetsu Drawing

Add Enhancement

This is the most interesting part of the drawing; why? We’d be adding beauty to Zetsu’s outfit and outline.

You can start by adding colors to the face while minding his eyes. Zetsu’s face has two colors which are black and white; black on the right side and white on the left side of the face.

Add color to the cloak; the collar and the design on the cloak are red in color.

Add shadow and highlighting to the plantlike surrounding the head and other necessary parts of the outfit or outlines.

Add Enhancement in your Zetsu Drawing

Conclusion to Zetsu Drawing

To summarize, Zetsu is a character from Naruto, now you can now draw Zetsu on your own without stress and within a few minutes of your leisure time.

“Practice makes perfection”.

But do not forget you must have all your necessary drawing materials and equipment ready, drawing materials such as; a pencil, eraser, ruler, paint or color box and many other basic materials for drawing. Have fun!!

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