Drawing Zabuza From Naruto Shippuden (Step-By-Step Guide)

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Do you wanna learn Zabuza drawing? Let’s get started with the Zabuza Drawing without further ado.

Zubaza is from the anime Naruto and he wears a black robe and uses a giant sword for fighting. Many people in the real world share their love for Zubaza, which makes him more famous among kids and adults. This article will explain how to draw Zubaza step by step within a few minutes.

This article will also give you the fundamental outline to make a Zubaza character. It is easy to apply the ideas here as a great jump start towards learning how to draw Zubaza by yourself.

So, what are we all waiting for? Grab your pencils and let’s get started!

How To Draw Zabuza from Naruto Shippuden (Step By Step)


Draw Zabuza’s pose

I know you can’t wait to draw Zabuza, but you must first know and understand the character you want to draw, and to achieve this, you need to start your drawing by sketching out Zabuza’s pose.

Begin with the Head

To draw the head, make an oval shape, and add a slightly curved vertical line at the center of the circle, which will be used for the alignment of the arrangement of the facial features. Add a horizontally curved line for the alignment of the eyes.

Make a horizontal line under the oval shape of the head, which will serve as his shoulder while leaving room for the neck.

Now draw vertical lines at the end of the horizontal line of the shoulder, so it forms the shape of Zabuza’s chest.

Do you know you can also use the opportunity to draw the waist? This will help you save time and energy. Draw a big circle at the lower part of the chest so that it touches the sides of the body’s vertical line.

Begin with the Zabuza Head drawing

Outline Zabuza’s Arms and Legs

You can draw Zabuza’s arms with the right arm pointing towards the direction of the chest and his left arm pointing upward.

To outline the legs, with the look of his pose, we can quickly tell that he has two legs wide apart like a soldier’s. You can start drawing the leg by making vertical lines from the circle of the waist.

Outline Zabuza’s Arms and Legs

Zabuza Jaw Drawing

Zabuza’s jaw shouldn’t take much of your time because you already have the shape of the head; trace down the lower part of the oval circle you drew for the head, and make sure the jaw is aligned to the direction of the head.

Zabuza Jaw Drawing

Zabuza Hair Drawing

The next step is to start drawing the hair; Zabuza’s hair might look tricky because of its look, but don’t worry, I have a little secret on making that happen like magic.

Start by making a zigzag line at the left side of the head (close to the top) and another zigzag line beside it while leaving a space between them.

Wait! Do you have an idea of what will happen if you decide to draw to headband before finishing the hair? Let’s try that out.

Zabuza Hair Drawing

Zabuza Headband Drawing

The hairband is one of Zabuza’s outfits that makes him look more like an assassin. Draw that by making a curved line from the top of the hair to the right side of the jaw (right side of the body), make a curve above the head which should be in the direction of the last curved line, and join these curves with a little concave curve.

Add a line from the joint of the concave curve and the curve to o the curved line so it forms the natural look of Zabuza’s headband. Finish up the headband by drawing the headband’s rope resting on the right shoulder.

Zabuza Headband Drawing

Complete Zabuza’s Hair

At this stage, you can now complete his hair without any hindrance. To finish the hair, you have to make a zigzag line in the form of a curve from the concave curve of the headband to the top of the headband’s rope, making the hair look realistic.

Make sure the zigzag has a sharp edge to form a thorn-like pattern of Zabuza’s hair.

Complete Zabuza’s Hair

Draw Zabuza’s Neck and the Scarf around his Neck

You already know that the neck connects the heads to the body, and replicating the neck can be done quickly by using a few lines. Draw a vertical line from the sides of the jaw to the horizontal line that serves as the shoulder; with this, you are done with the neck.

Hey, wait!! Please don’t disappoint me by telling me you don’t know assassins use a scarf and what the scarf is used for; they tie a scarf around their neck while using part of the scarf to cover their nose and mouth, only exposing their eyes.

The reason is that assassins always hide their facial identity by covering their nose, mouth, and neck with a scarf. Draw the scarf with a curved line in the form of a convex curve that it’s settled at the center of his chest and ensure the scarf is aligned to the direction of the Zabuza’s body.

Draw Zabuza’s Neck and the Scarf around his Neck

Draw Zabuza’s Arms and Gloves

As earlier said, his right arm is on his chest while the left arm is pointing upward. Draw Zabuza’s right arm by drawing a curved lines from the shoulder while minding the arm’s direction, so it forms the upper right arm and draws a curved horizontal line from the end of the upper arm to the center of his chest.

To draw the left arm, use the same approach of the right arm for the left arm while minding the direction of the arm (pointing up).

Another important outfit of Zabuza is the glove.

For the right glove, draw a doubled vertically curved line on the lower arm to indicate the glove’s limit (the length).

For the left glove, draw a doubled horizontally curved line at the lower arm close to the elbow joint of the left arm, and add a little curve at the sides of the lower arm; this helps to show the actual shape of the glove.

Since we’ve not spoken about Zabuza’s hand, I know you’ve wondered if assassins are without hands.

The gloves cover all his hands except some of his fingers which protrude from the gloves. You can add a finger on the right glove and two fingers on the left while minding the look of the other fingers covered by the gloves.

Draw Zabuza’s Arms and Gloves

Begin To Draw His Sword

Having done all that you can now start drawing his giant sword.

For this article, I will teach you how to draw the sword appearing behind him.

You should start with the sword’s handle by drawing a double diagonal line from the right side of the body (so that it’s closer to the right side of the head) to the right side of the shoulder.

Make sure the diagonal lines are not too long or short and add a line joining the ends of these doubled diagonal lines together.

For the sword’s blade, draw a very long vertical line from the left side of the body that goes down-pointing outward.

Try and curve the end of the long vertical line and draw another vertically curved line from his thigh pointing outward so that the curved part of this last vertical line is joined to the curved part of the long vertical line.

Begin To Draw His Sword

Draw the Upper Part of Zabuza’s Outfit

Zabuza is wearing a short sleeve top that is well designed for his kind of job, and that can be achieved by using a few lines and curves.

Draw the curved line for the helm of the sleeve and extend it down, so it forms another curved line at the sides of the body towards the big circle of the waist.

Now draw the shape of the top design on the left side of the body with two small circles inside it that serve as the button on the design.

Add a horizontally curved line from the design of the top to the right curved line for the right side of the body; this makes the upper part of Zabuza’s outfit a perfect one.

You can decide to add more lines, horizontally or vertically curved, to the upper outfit to have what you want.

Draw the Upper Part of Zabuza’s Outfit

Complete the Sword

Yes, some details still need to be added to the sword to have a perfect look at Zabuza’s sword.

Firstly, draw an oval circle on the blade of the sword, which should be close to the curved part. You can even add a slant line to the blade (if you like), depending on what you want.

Add small curved lines to the handle while joining the curved lines together to segregate the handle into two to three segments (one at the tip of the handle, another at the middle of the handle, and the last at his back).

I know you can’t wait to finish the drawing so you can be proud of your result, but let me show you how to add the facial features quickly.

Complete the Sword

Draw Zabuza’s Eyes

Draw a concave and convex curve meeting together to form an oval circle (shape of the eyes) with edges.

You can use a thick line for the curved part of the eye and make sure the shape of the eyes is aligned to the horizontal line you drew for the basics of the eyes. Add a few lines to the side of the eyes, so it shows the shadows around the eyes.

Draw Zabuza’s Eyes

Draw His Pupils and Eyebrow

For the pupils, make a small oval circle at the sides of the eyes and shade one side of the oval circle to have a realistic drawing of the eyes.

You can easily make the eyebrow a reality by drawing a curved horizontal line above the eyes, which slightly looks like a concave curve.

With these few approaches, you are done with pupils and eyebrows.

Draw His Pupils and Eyebrow

Draw the Lower Part of Zabuza’s Outfit

Zabuza is wearing long pants, which the use of curves and lines can quickly replicate. Draw a slant line from the circle of the waist in the direction of the basics of the legs till it gets to the primary of the feet.

Draw another vertical line from the center (bottom) of the circle of the waist to get the natural shape of the pant, and add little curves at the sides of the pant so that the pant can have a realistic look.

Draw the Lower Part of Zabuza’s Outfit

Zabuza Sandal Drawing

Zabuza wears a sandal with a long upper part that covers his chin and almost reaches his knee joint.

Draw two horizontally curved lines under the knee to serve as the border of the pant joining to the top of the sandal.

Draw curved lines from the border of the pant down to the basic of the feet in alignment with the direction of the legs; this shows the length of the upper part of the scandal.

Draw the sole of the sandal and the design behind the sandal. Add a slightly curved horizontal line on the top of the sandal, which is used to indicate the front part of the sandal.

I know you would be asking yourself, “How can I fix the toes” since the sandal is done, you don’t have to think too much about that; just draw a vertically curved line under the slightly curved horizontal line of the sandal so that each vertically curved line is manipulated into his toe.

Zabuza Sandal Drawing

Enhance Zabuza’s Outfit

Enhance Zabuza’s Outfit

This is practically the last step to having what you want. Do you like what is good? I know you do, and this is the time to show what and how you want your drawing to look like. Do not force anything in this stage.

Erase all the excess lines and dots on the drawing, and if there if you think there is a need to add lines and dots to make it perfect, then you can go ahead with that. Use thick lines for the border of the outfit and even your outlines so your drawing will not be too weird.

Add shadows and highlighting to the outfits so that you can have exactly what you’ve seen or what you want. Add the natural color to the outfit, including the glove, the top and pant are black, and the glove with the upper part of his sandals are ash in color with a black border.

Add Enhancement in your Zabuza Drawing

Conclusion to Zabuza Drawing

Now, you can confidently draw your own Zabuza drawing while having fun by following these fantastic steps above.

These steps will help save your time and your effort; all you need to have is all the necessary materials needed and be in a less noisy environment or a convenient environment for effective productivity.

This article can be used by kids, adults, beginners, and even experts who want to try new things using their pencils and still have fun. Enjoy your drawing!

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