An In-Depth Guide To Shoto Todoroki Drawing From My Hero Academia

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Shoto Todoroki is a character in the popular manga and anime series “My Hero Academia.” In this tutorial, we will be learning Shoto Todoroki drawing using very simple steps that are easy for anyone to follow.

He is an extremely powerful Quirk user, half of which he inherited from his father.

You’ll require some basic drawing skills, a few supplies, and a bit of patience.

Let’s get started!

Shoto Todoroki Drawing From My Hero Academia

Shoto Todoroki Drawing From My Hero Academia (Step By Step Guide)

Step 1: Start Drawing Shoto Todoroki with a 6×6 square

For Drawing Shoto Todoroki, we will start from four 6×6 squares; a complete step-by-step process will guide you properly.

Step 1:

Draw a square 6×6 inches in size. This will be the basic outline for your drawing Todoroki.

Step 2:

Within that square, draw a smaller square in the center 2×2 inches in size. This will be the basic shape for the Todoroki character’s head.

Step 3:

Draw the outline of the character’s  Todoroki head within the smaller square.

Step 4:

Begin to define the features of the character’s face. Start with the eyes, nose, and mouth, which will be in the next steps.

Step 5:

Once you have the basic features of the face sketched in, begin to add all features step by step. The figure below will help you to understand.

Step No 1) Start Drawing Shoto Todoroki with 6x6 square (2)

Step No 1) Start Drawing Shoto Todoroki with 6x6 square (1)

Step 2: Draw the Jawline

The first step is to draw the jawline the basic outline of the head, as we have already done.

Don’t worry about the details yet; just make sure that the head is in proportion to the body.

Shoto Todoroki’s jawline drawing process can be completed by following these simple steps!

  1. Draw a basic outline of the face.
  2. Add two intersecting lines to represent the jawline.
  3. Draw in the details of the face and jawline.
  4. Erase any mistakes and erase the guidelines.
  5. Finish up by adding final details.

Step No 2) Draw the Jawline

Step 3: Draw the Right Ear

This is a step-by-step tutorial on how to draw the Shoto Todoroki’s right ear.

  1. Begin by sketching out the basic outline of the ear using light lines. The top part of the ear should be curved, and the bottom part should be more angular.
  2. Next, add some more details to the ear. The inner part should be curved, and there should be a small bump on the upper part. The bottom part should be angular and slightly pointed.
  3. Draw final details of Shoto Todoroki Right Ear.

Step No 3) Draw the Right Ear

Step 4: Finish The jawline

There are a few different ways to finish your character jawline, and which one you choose will depend on the look you are going for.

The first technique is to use a lighter color to shade the area under the character’s jaw and above the neck.

This will give your jawline a softer, more delicate appearance.

The second technique is to use a darker color to shade the area below your jaw.

This will give Shoto Todoroki’s jawline a more angular appearance.

The third technique is to use a darker color to shade the area on both sides of Shoto’s jawline. This will give a jawline final completion.

Fourth, sweep the bronzer in a C-shape along Shoto Todoroki’s jawline and under his chin.

Step No 4) Finish The jawline

Step 5: Draw the left side of the Neck of Shoto Todoroki

This might be a little bit difficult to draw Shoto Todoroki Neck, but with some practice, you can do it! For completion of this step:

Start by drawing the outline of Shoto Todoroki’s head which we already have done.

Once you have the outline, start drawing the outline of his neck left side by just adding a simple line attached to the face Circle.

Be very careful in making sure that the lines are clean and precise.

Step No 5) Draw left side of Shoto Todoroki Neck

Step 6: Draw the left eye

This is a very simple but fun drawing challenge that can be completed by anyone with some basic drawing skills.

When drawing Shoto Todoroki’s eye, it is important to start with the left.

The eye is asymmetrical, and the left side is usually more dominant.

When drawing the left eye of Shoto Todoroki’s, start with a light pencil line for the top of the eye.

This line should be slightly curved and should get thicker as it nears the eyebrow of the left eye.

Next, draw the lower lid of the left eye.

This should be a thin, curved line that follows the natural curve of the left eye.

The line should get thicker as it reaches the outer corner of the eye.

Finally, draw the iris and pupil. For the iris, use a darker pencil to make a circle in the center of the left eye.

The pupil should be a small black dot in the center of the iris.

Step No 6) Draw the left eye (2)

Step No 6) Draw the left eye (1)

To begin, draw a simple curved line to represent the eyelid.

This line should be slightly thicker at the top and taper off as it goes down.

Next, draw a smaller curved line within the larger one to represent the eyelashes.

Finally, draw the iris and pupil. The iris can be any shape you like, but it is typically circular or oval. The pupil should be in the center of the iris and should complete eye Creation.

Step 7: Draw the right side of fringe

Most people think that the fringe on the right side of Shoto Todoroki’s head is the best side to have it on.

This isn’t always the case.

Depending on Todoroki’s face shape, one side of the fringe might look better than the other.

The below Figure can help you to understand to move forward towards completion.

Step No 8) Draw the right eye

Step 8: Draw the right eye

When drawing the right eye, it’s important to place it in the right spot.

You do not want Todoroki to look cross-eyed or have one eye bigger than the other.

The eye should be placed in the top third of the head and slightly off-center.

Step 9: Draw the eyelid and eyebrows

Now we will be drawing Todoroki’s eyes in detail, including the eyelids and eyebrows.

We will start off by drawing the basic outline of the eye.

Then, we will add the details such as the eyelashes, inner lining, and pupil.

Finally, we will add the eyebrows and color to the iris.

Eyebrows of Todoroki

  1. Draw the top of the eyebrow first by drawing a short, curved line.
  2. Then, draw the bottom of the eyebrow by drawing a long, curved line.
  3. Finally, draw the outline of the eyebrow. Make sure that it is slightly curved.

Lashes of Todoroki

  1. To draw the eyelashes, start by drawing a small line at the inner corner of the eye.
  2. Next, draw a slightly larger line above that.
  3. Finally, draw a few more lines in between the two lines

Lashes of Todoroki

Step 10: Draw the neck

This step will guide on how to draw the neck of Shoto Todoroki from the popular manga and anime series. The complete process is just below:

  1. Begin by drawing a curved line that extends from the bottom of the head to the top of the shoulder. This will be the outline for the neck.
  2. Draw a second curved line underneath the first, and connect it to the head and shoulder. This will create the shape of the neck.
  3. Draw a third curved line extending from the center of the neck to the other shoulder.

Step No 10) Draw the neck

Step 11: Draw Hair of Shoto

In this tutorial step, we will work on how to draw the hair of Shoto Todoroki.

You need to consider three main things when drawing hair:

  • The direction of the hair
  • The texture of the hair
  • The lightness or darkness of the hair

You will also need to understand how to use line weight.

Step No 11) Draw Hair of Shoto (2)

Step No 11) Draw Hair of Shoto (3)

We will add the guidelines for the hair.

We will start with the bangs. Sketch out the shape of the bangs and then add the details.

We will then move on to the sideburns and add details of hairs by using a black Marker.

Step No 11) Draw Hair of Shoto (1)

Step 12: Coloring in Shoto Todoroki Drawing(Optional)

There are many ways by which you can color Shoto Todoroki’s drawing. The most popular way is to use the three colors that best represent his personality and quirk.

Red for passion, blue for calmness, and white for the balance between the two. You can mix and match these colors to create different shades or stick with one color to make it more simplistic.

Step No 12) Coloring (Optional)

Conclusion to Shoto Todoroki Drawing from the Popular Anime Series, “My Hero Academia.”

In this tutorial, we taught you how to draw Shoto Todoroki from the popular anime series, “My Hero Academia.”

This is a fairly simple drawing that should be achievable for most artists, so be sure to give it a try!

Please share it with your friends and show us your finished drawings if you liked this tutorial.

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