Learn Shikamaru Nara Drawing In Just 5 Minutes A Day

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If you’re interested in drawing Shikamaru from Naruto, the character with the dazy looks, you’ve come to the right place!

This drawing tutorial will show you how to draw Shikamaru step by step, with plenty of images and tips along the way to make it as easy as possible to recreate this awesome look on paper.

Get started with step one below!

Prepare all the materials


A piece of paper, a pencil, and some erasers.

We’ll also need to create an underdrawing.

An underdrawing is a rough draft version of your drawing.

Instead of using a pencil for it, use your charcoal stick; it will be easier and lighter on paper than a pencil would be.

How to Draw Shikamaru Nara – Step by Step Drawing Tutorial

Draw a circle

Before you start drawing, make sure you’ve done your research and are familiar with who your character is.

The first step in drawing Shikamaru is to draw a circle.

The hardest part of drawing Shikamaru will be creating a rough outline for his head and face.

To do so, draw a large circle on your page; it doesn’t have to be perfect, but it should cover up most of your page.

This is your foundation—from here, you can start shading it with a pencil.

If you want an easier alternative, use paper from an office supply store—it’s much more rigid than regular paper and won’t wrinkle when you erase mistakes later on in life drawing.

The important thing is that you end up with a nice circular foundation for your character; use all four edges and don’t be afraid to go over it multiple times if needed!

Make sure it’s proportionate, otherwise, it will be tough to draw him accurately later on.

Draw a circle

Add Details in the Circle

Draw One horizontal line and three vertical lines.

The horizontal line should be near where you just drew that arc.

If you can’t tell which side is up, draw a smaller circle inside to help you see where up is.

You might also try holding your pencil up against your nose and looking at it through slightly squinted eyes—this should help you gauge how far apart your vertical lines should be.

Add some lighter marks for subtle shading, but don’t overlap it!


Next, use a ruler and a pencil to create two diagonal lines that connect at right angles at both ends of your circle.

This outline will serve as an ellipse for when you add Shikamaru’s facial features later on.

Add Details in the Circle

Draw chin beneath the circle

The simple circle beneath his chin should be slightly elongated (around 15px).

With your shape tool, outline an oval shape that would work well with a chibi-style drawing.

By doing so, you’ll have created a basic guideline for how to draw Shikamaru’s head.

Next, it’s time to sketch out how to draw his face.

At first glance, it seems like he doesn’t have a lot of angles and sharp features like most other characters do; however, when you look closer you can see there are several key points that need to be defined in order for him not to seem featureless or bland.

Define these features and then we’ll move on from there!

Draw chin beneath the circle

Draw Shikamaru Hairs

Once you’ve got that down, move on to drawing Shikamaru’s headband and add three lines coming out from each side of it.

Then, using your marker or pencil, start sketching some hair shapes on top of his head.

The great thing about how to draw Shikamaru is that there’s not too much detail here so it should be pretty easy!

Just keep adding more and more basic shapes until you get something you’re happy with.

Draw Shikamaru Hairs

Draw Shikamaru Ears

The first step in learning how to draw Shikamaru Nara is drawing his ears.

To do so, begin by making a simple L shape with a long straight line descending from its left side.

Then, create a gentle curve that ends at another short line coming from underneath and to its right.

The second part of his ear will be attached on top of that beginning stroke and feature a small circular shape for an opening, followed by a long curved line for an outer edge.

This final edge will actually cover over part of your initial L shape so it’s almost as if you are simply creating two openings instead of one continuous one; make sure that your curved line extends all of the ways down to make up for any overlap and don’t forget to add rings too!

Draw Shikamaru Eyes and Eyebrows

Before you draw Shikamaru’s eyes, add guidelines for where his eyebrows will go.

You’ll start with a rectangle for his iris.

Next, add two short, diagonal lines (one on each side) near each corner of your rectangle for his eyebrows.

Above those lines and below your eye-drawing shape, add curved lines that follow the same angle as your eyebrows and make an upside-down v shape when combined.

This will be where Shikamaru’s eyelashes rest.

Right above those curved lines, draw two more diagonal ones that meet at a point right in between where his eyebrows are drawn (the top of your eye).

This is what creates what looks like an eyelid when you look at it straight on.

Draw Shikamaru Eyes and Eyebrows

Draw Shikamaru Nose and Mouth

Draw Nose

The nose is a simple shape but many artists draw it wrong.

If you want to get it right on your first try, here’s how: Take a pencil and lightly sketch a vertical line that covers one-third of his face.

Next, sketch another line across it, starting at its bottom edge and ending where its top edge touches his earlobe.

Now draw two semicircles on each side of that first line.

Each should be about two-thirds as wide as that initial line.

These will serve as guides for drawing Shikamaru’s nostrils later on.

Sketch another vertical line under that second set of semi-circles, stopping where their bottoms touch his mouth.

Draw mouth

Shikamaru’s mouth is never seen open in manga or anime.

To make his mouth, start with a big circle (darker color) and add two smaller circles around it (lighter colors).

Once you have that, use two small lines on each side of his mouth for his lips.

The end result should look like a sideways smile.

Next, trace over everything once more with your pen for sharper lines, and then erase all those extra pencil marks!

Shikamaru Nara mouth drawing

Draw Shikamaru’s clothes

Shikamaru is seen wearing a short-sleeved, tan shirt with an upturned collar and sleeves that are rolled up just below his elbows.

On his back, he carries his large ninja pack.

He wears pants similar to those worn by Choji: a darker color than his top, with each leg, held up by an elastic band that, in Shikamaru’s case, is purple in color.

Around his waist, he wears a simple brown belt.

Draw Shikamaru's clothes

Erase extra Guidelines

After you have started your sketch and created your character, erase extra guidelines from your drawing.

These guidelines are used as a guide when creating a new character but can be erased later on.

You may want to erase any lines that make up facial features or other intricate parts of clothing before starting a final sketch of your subject.

The fewer lines you start with, the easier it will be for you to create a quality image in which everything is proportionate and well planned out.

Although these guidelines can be erased, later on, you should still work carefully around them as you create your initial sketch because they will carry over onto subsequent drawings.

If you accidentally make mistakes while working around guidelines, they will remain in place once they are erased.

Erase extra Guidelines

 Trace your outlines

Once you have a good outline of Shikamaru, use an HB pencil and lightly draw over your original lines.

You can now make them darker using an H or 2H pencil, depending on how bold you want it.

It’s also a good idea to go back and add more detail where needed.

To finish things off, fill in any details with a darker pencil like an F or 2B (or darker), then erase your original lines so all that’s left is your final drawing. Well done!

You’re finished drawing Shikamaru Nara!

Trace your outlines

Add Colors

Before you start drawing Shikamaru Nara, add some colors to his clothes first.

Use a light shade of brown or khaki for his top and sand color for his pants.

To give depth, shade in some areas using darker colors like dark brown and black.

Also, draw around these colors with an eraser to make them more prominent.

Once you are finished coloring, draw a straight line on one side of your paper with a pencil (shown below).

This will act as your guide so that you don’t accidentally deviate from your sketch while drawing it.

Colors addition in Shikamaru nara character


Hope you find this tutorial helpful on how to draw Shikamaru from Naruto in 8 easy steps.

Follow along with this tutorial and by the end, you’ll have a picture of Shikamaru sitting on a tree branch as he does in the series!

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