Drawing Pennywise The Dancing Clown

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Drawing pennywise is not as hard as many people think, but you need to know some steps to do it.

Pennywise is one of the most iconic villains in the world. He is an anime character. He is cool, evil, and scary in one. He is also a hero.

Drawing pennywise is a symbolic representation of interior life.

Because, to be honest, I think being pennywise is awesome. Pennywise hair is always cool and cut. Pennywise has a tattoo on his neck, making him look more evil.

He has a weird mouth which makes him creepy. He wears a huge clown look on his face. He is a creepy clown that makes people feel uncomfortable with his looks.

Pennywise can make children cry when he laughs at them.

Let’s see how to draw pennywise step by step.

How to Draw Pennywise the Clown | It


Draw Pennywise’s Pose

Start with a big circle that is oval in shape, this circle should be big enough to host all the features of the head and the face, this is the head, one of the important parts of the pennywise pose is the head.

Don’t forget that the big circle for the head should not be too circular, make a slightly curved horizontal line inside the oval shape, this slightly curved horizontal line shouldn’t touch the sides of the oval shape, this is the basis for the eyes.

Draw another slightly curved horizontal line under the first horizontal line but this time it must be smaller than the first one, this is for the nose.

Draw a curved vertical line under the one you drew for the nose, this is the first step to drawing the shape of pennywise’s widely spread mouth with his smile, make a vertical line from the top of the horizontal line you drew for the eyes downward till it gets to the bottom of the oval shape of the head.

Draw a bent horizontal line at the sides of the oval shape which you drew for the head, make sure this horizontal line doesn’t touch the head so it can show the broadness of his chest and other features of the chest can be fixed.

This drawing shows the upper part of pennywise with his facial expression and wild smile.

Draw Pennywise’s Pose

Outlining Pennywise Drawing

Draw outlines for the eyebrow and eyelid

The eyelid is above the upper eyelid; draw a curve at the sides of the vertical line that runs through the face; let the curve at the right side of the face be closer to the vertical line while that of the left side of the face is not too close so that it shows the aggressive expression on his face.

Draw a slightly curved line from the bottom of the curve to the sides of the oval shape so that the end of the lines looks like that of glasses, this is the eyebrow.

Below the eyebrow Is an avenue for you to draw the eyelids; the eyelid is divided into the upper eyelid and the lower eyelid.

Draw the upper eyelid under the eyebrow, and above the vertical line you drew for the eyes, draw a convex curve joining the ends of the upper eyelid, so it shows the thunderous look of pennywise.

Draw outlines for the eyesbrows, eyelids, shoulders, jaws, nose, mouth and teeth
                       Draw outlines for the eyebrows, eyelids, shoulders, jaws, nose, mouth, and teeth

Draw outline for the shoulder and jaw

Draw a vertical bend line at the sides of the oval shape which you drew for the head.

Make sure the horizontal line doesn’t touch the head so it can show the mightiness and broadness of his chest, and ensure the lines for the shoulder are very slant, so it forms the real shape of the pennywise’s shoulder.

By drawing the shoulder, it’s becoming more fun, and you will be eager to see how pennywise upper parts look.

To draw the jaw is one of the most interesting parts you can’t wait to make, and it’s attached to pennywise’s hair; the jaw can be replicated by making a convex shape in the form of a jaw; this chin of the jaw must be protruded at the bottom of the oval shape so that it looks like that of bat-man.

Align the sides of the jaw to the oval shape of the head.

Make sure the ends of jaw-like convex comes out of the circle. Hence, it forms where the hair will be attached, and with this, you are done with the jaw.

Draw Pennywise’s Nose, Mouth, And Teeth

To draw the nose, make a curve at the right side of the vertical line that runs through the head, and on the horizontal line of the nose, draw a vertically curved line from the end of the curve so it forms the remaining part of the nose.

In contrast, it curves at the edges; the pennywise nose is one of the widest noses of the anime’s character, so it fits the shape of his head and his body’s figure.

To draw the mouth, draw a horizontal line above the horizontal line you drew for the basic of the mouth; this is to form the wideness of the upper lip.

Draw a convex jaw at the bottom of this horizontal line so that the ends of the convex curve are attached to the end of the horizontal lines, this shows the shape of the pennywise tongue.

At the same time, it covers the lower lip and draws small curves at the sides of a horizontal line for the nose covering the space between the nose and the mouth, showing the expression on pennywise’s face.

To draw the teeth, draw a small bend vertical line from the edges that join the tongue to the upper lips so that it will be easy to make the shape of the teeth; a very funny way of drawing the teeth is to write a letter “w” meeting the two sides of the vertically bend line, with this you are already done with the shape of the teeth without stress.

Begin to Draw Pennywise’s Hair

Trust me, making pennywise hair will be one of the interesting parts of drawing the body you would want to replicate over and over again.

Make lines that look like a hills-line on the vertical line that was exceeded from the upper part of his ear upwards, so it shows the mightiness of pennywise’s hair.

You can make some of the strands not touch the vertical line, so it looks more realistic than ever.

With this, you are done with the major parts of the hair.

Draw Pennywise’s Tattoos

Draw two close vertical lines at the top of the upper eyelids so that they form an edge facing up, and draw two curves from the lower eyelids (so it looks like the continuation of the vertical line you drew at the top) down to the upper lips of the mouth so that it also forms an edge on the upper lip, the pennywise tattoo looks unique and looks as if he’s crying.

With these tips, you can easily say that the tattoo is on the face(cheeks), which adds to the facial features.

Draw Pennywise’s Tattoos

Draw Pennywise’s Eyes

Making out his eyes is now very easy since you’ve drawn the eyelids.

Draw a small convex curve on the horizontal line of the eye, which is at the upper part of the eyes and make small dots inside the curve, this dot is the pupil.

Make another convex curve under the lower eyelid, so it makes the eyes look very pragmatic.

Draw Pennywise’s Outfit

Pennywise cloth has a foam-like structure made with cotton at the top of the outfit, the upper part of the cloth is connected to the hair, this part of the cloth shows the broadness of his chest.

Now let’s make fun of the outfit, at the left side of the outfit draw a hills-like vertical line at the bottom of the spike lines downward.

Make three horizontal lines on the hill-like vertical line and draw another curved vertical line after the horizontal line.

Draw another curved line vertical line from the back of the vertical line and make two lines inside the lines.

Curve the upper part of the last vertically curved line and finish the left side of the outfit with three vertically curved lines so it forms the last shape of the outfit on the shoulder.

Do the same for the right side of the outfit and finish it with a wave-like line at the bottom of the spike shape under the right jaw.

Add Details to the Head

Adding details to the head means using thick lines and thin lines where needed.

Using the thick line for the border of the jaw up to the vertical lines of the hair, and for the interesting part of the head.,

Make some lines and dots on the forehead, these lines and dots should not be too close together because pennywise is bald with scanty hair which makes him look funnier and more practical.

Don’t forget to erase excess lines and dots on the head.

Enhance Outfit

Enhancing the outfits here also means adding lines and dots, erasing excess dots and lines, adding shadows, and descending to the needed part of the cloth so the outfit can look more attractive and endorsing.

You can also add colors to the outfits and use thick lines for the border of the outfit or upper part of the cloth; pennywise’s cloth here is cream in color, so you play around by adding color to the outfit.

Enhance Outline

Enhance Outline

Enhancing the outline may be the fun part of the drawing because here is where you decide how you want pennywise to look by adding shadows and lighting, using colors where needed, using thick lines and thin lines; this can also be adding shadings to your drawing so it can come out well, use thick line for the eyelids(upper and lower eyelid).

Add a light shading to the curve of the pupil so the inner part (dot) can be obvious, the iris is white, use a thick line for the eyebrows too, and use a thick and thin line for the jaw.

Make a horizontal wave-like line on the nose and then shade it with a light pencil, use a thick line for the border of the teeth so the white part of the teeth can be seen, and use a light pencil to shade the tattoo on his face so it can give him his facial expression.

The pennywise face is always white as if he added powder, clean all the excess dots and lines on the facial features so your drawings won’t be too rough.

Pennywise Drawing

Conclusion To Pennywise Drawing

Yes!! We have drawn pennywise.

With these steps, you can easily replicate pennywise without having any issues.

Drawing pennywise might look too difficult because of his look and facial expression, but you don’t have to bother yourself.

Mind you, before you start drawing, make sure you have all your equipment and materials ready, materials such as pencils for thick and thin lines, an eraser for cleaning excess lines or mistakes, your colors for enhancement, and above all, you must have your paper or your drawing sheet, after this, find a perfect location without disturbance for best and effective productivity.

Enjoy your drawings!!