How To Draw Nezuko Kamado Demon Slayer (Easy & Step by Step)

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Appearance & Personality of Nezuko Kamado


Nezuko Kamado works as a second actor in Kimetsu no Yaiba Demon Slayer. She was a human by birth, but after the attack of MuzanKibutsuji, she turned into a demon. The two remaining members of the Kamado family are TanjiroKamado and her younger sister NezukoKamado, a demon.

She is a pint-size girl with light yellowed skin color, having a large appearance, eye-catching chin, and sharp nail having color ombre to red-pinkish color and also the light pink color of the whole nail. She has hair of color black, long in size, and light curly in style. Her hair length reaches below her waist. But the color changes like flame-orange when she crosses her elbows and gives the look of straight ridges that had worn to the left side very quickly. She has light pink color eyes that give her a very soft look. Her eyes have long eyelashes that protect her like a frame. Her pupils appear when it moves from up to down or down to up. Nezuko can show up with more than one crossbow. She was considered a noticeable beauty in her birthplace.

Her costume has a pattern of hemp leaf, which is called Asanoha. It is made of light pink color with green obiage, white and red checkered Hanhaba obi, and orange thread obijime. On this, she plays dark brown and long haori that reaches to her missing loved ones.

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This anime character is a very strong demon. She has the most extraordinary powers because the blood is greater than she received from MuzanKibutsuji and turned into a demon. So, she doesn’t need humans to stay alive.

She uses her physical skills in situations; she has to make the blood demon art herself. In the beginning battles, we see that she easily defeats the rivals by using this blood, as enemies are very stronger. In the situation when she has to defeat the rivals.

How Nezuko Kamdo fight?

Hand to hand fighting skill:

Mostly she fights with her strong legs and acute nails to beat the enemy in no time. She has a lot of skills to fight Twelve Kizuki with higher-level demons. Most of her does not use her blood demon arts. Because if she uses them in greater amount. She can sleep for a lifetime if her blood is wasted.

Method for fighting with rivals:

  • Igniting the Blood

Nezuko can provide a danger to enemy demons by using the technique of exploding the blood of the demons into flames having color crimson-pinkish.

Game Exclusive Techniques

  •    Heel Bash

Nezuko flies in the air and gives a strong ax-kick with full strength in a downward direction. The ax is itself very strong that it makes a hole of small size in that area.

  •    Crazy Scratching

Nezuko scratches his rivals with her acute nails, which have the color of flame-like crimson-pink, and it remains until the sign X end with both arms.

  •    Flying Kick

Nezuko moves backward and takes a long jump to defeat her opponent. She takes a step of a long jump to beat the enemy with the strong kick with her legs.

  •    Nails of Fury

Mizuko makes a very long cut in the enemy’s body with her sharp nails. She left the enemy with the sign of scratches because of her acute nails.

Wars of Nezuko kamado with rivals

Arc last selection

 Arc first challenge

Asakusa Arc of Asakusa

Arc Natagumo Mountain

 Arc Mugen Train

 Arc of Entertainment District

 Arc of Swordsmith Village

  • Nezuko Kamado, Genya Shinazugawa, Missuri Kanroji, and Tanjiro Kamado versus Hantengu

Arc of Sunrise Countdown

How to draw Nezuko Kamado

In anime, NezukoKamado is the most famous Demon. TanjiroKamado is her elder brother. Maybe one of her tricks impresses you but don’t fool yourself into sticking her tricks. She has some magic powers that make her very powerful. These powers regard some calculation. Nezuko is very famous in anime character art, and because of this character, many new and different artists introduce to the anime industry. On this page, you will learn how to sketch anime character NezukoKamado step by step way. Zaphyrae takes an interest in hikikomori and anime and acts as a game addict. Sketch funny comic anime characters is his passion. He makes sketches desperately.

Formation Of Head/Face

We approximately begin the sketch. Draw lines smoothly. We can make a neat sketch after a rough draw. Begin the sketch with a circle. Make a cross which helps in giving the direction of the character. Then, draw a circle to make the chin, neck, and ear give a perfect shape of the head.

Formation to indicate Nezuku Kamado

By making the neck sketch, draw a curved line to make the spine; after making it, draw a line to make a sternum. Make a rough sketch of the ribcage. After making ribcage, draw the waist. I add the belly button in this rough structure just for the indication.

spine, ribcage and waist drawing of Nezuku Kamado Character

Sketch the arms and hands. Circles are used to show the joints and bones perfectly to set the points without muscles and tissues.

Sketch the arms and hands

When you feel that the hands and arms are completely perfect, go to draw arms dimensions. Sketch the things smoothly; we will set it later.

draw arms dimensions

Line Art Formation & Nezuko full-body drawing

For the formation of a brief sketch, make a Nezuko line drawing, so you have to sketch by removing the rough lines. Now, moving forward perfectly. Then, if you are using the previous methods, give a light texture to make the rough sketch clear. These steps provide the way to sketch but do which method is better to sketch according to your demands.

Formation of line art and Nezuko full-body drawing


After shaping the body:

  1. Add hair to give a beautiful look.
  2. Make the design that hair is tied.
  3. Add some curls to the hair to give it a good texture.
  4. Form Nezuko eyes drawing.


nezuko eyes and hairs drawing

Now you have to make clothes. As I explained before, Nezuko wears a kimono, obi belt, and haori. You have to make Y-shape in dress as kimono designed in this way. To make the Y-shape, you have to draw the lines smoothly.

Nezuku Kamado clothes drawing

Now to make a more explained diagram. Add sleeves, more hair, and a bamboo gag on the mouth.

sleeves, hair, and a bamboo gag drawing

So now, this is the final touch. Clarify the lines smoothly in any sequence you want. I use two colors to make a sketch. For a rough sketch, draw through a pencil, and for the final touch, use a black pen. Because of this, it will be easy for me and save your sketch from any other mess.

final touch to Nezuku Kamado Sketch

Now, I have to add some bends to the clothes part. Just see your wardrobe or clothes that you are currently wearing. Now, see how your clothes look like mean drapes in your fabric.

Cute Nezuko Drawing & Coloring the Sketch

Now almost the lines are complete. Remove the sketch lines. Then, fill the sketch with colors. By erasing coloring is easier. Draw Nezuko outline.

nezuko outline drawing

Now, start shading the figure from the base and parts like head and arms.

shading the figure from the base

After complete shading, uses solid colors to make the sketch more pretty. I use different colors for different areas by seeing the volume to stay in the area you want to color.

solid coloring

Now, I use some makeup stuff to give it a perfect texture. I add pinkish blush to her cheeks, also on the lower part of hair, and also on the head. Now I make some star-like patterns on the kimono of pink color. Now I make a small circle around the edge of the eye and add color to the pupil.

Now, again add some shading which gives your structure a beautiful texture.

You have your suggestions. So, if you want to change colors, it is totally up to you. I add some highlighter or shiny colors to make the iris, eyelashes, cheek, and nose attractive. I also changed the dark red color strips and transformed them into multiple layers, and smoothly drew shadows. I also set her hair again to give the character a smooth look.

Drawing Nezuko’s Big Transformation From Demon Slayer


I have written a lot about Nezuko Kamado including the easiest way to sketch her. In this article, you will learn about the skills, fighting style of Nezuko Kamado. You will also learn a lot about her personality and appearance.

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