Learn Mikasa Ackerman Drawing In Just 5 Minutes A Day

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Many people have heard of Mikasa Ackerman, the main heroine from the “Attack on Titan” anime and manga series. Here is a step-by-step guide on Mikasa Ackerman drawing with illustrations that will teach you everything from the head to the hair, eyes, lips, clothes, etc.

If you’re one of those people who want to learn Mikasa Ackerman drawing, this step-by-step guide on how to draw Mikasa Ackerman can help you out!

Whether you want to show off your drawing skills or just have something fun to look at when you’re bored, learning Mikasa Ackerman drawing will make it easy for you!

Mikasa Ackerman from Attack on Titan was one of the first characters that we had the pleasure of drawing, and she’s certainly one of our favorites to come out of the series.

If you’re a fan like us, here’s how to draw Mikasa Ackerman herself!

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Step-By-Step Guide to Draw Mikasa Ackerman


Draw a circle

It’s a good idea to start by drawing a circle, which can be any size and shape you want.

The circle acts as a guide for your character’s head, so it’s important that it’s proportionate and at an appropriate height on your drawing board.

The bottom of your circle should also be lined up with some sort of reference material; whether that’s another image of Mikasa Ackerman or something else entirely is up to you.

Draw a circle

Add Details in the Circle

Draw One horizontal line and three vertical lines.

The horizontal line should be near where you just drew that arc.

If you can’t tell which side is up, draw a smaller circle inside to help you see where up is.

You might also try holding your pencil up against your nose and looking at it through slightly squinted eyes—this should help you gauge how far apart your vertical lines should be.

Add some lighter marks for subtle shading, but don’t overdo it!

Add Details in the Circle

Draw chin beneath the circle

Using a ruler and pencil, draw a straight line down from each side of your head, just beneath where your ears are.

To make sure you’re drawing straight lines, use an imaginary horizontal line as a guide.

These two lines will help determine how big your chin is (and therefore how big your nose should be).

If you need more guidance on drawing circles, you can find it here.

Notice that there are tiny arrows at either end of her nose?

Those are important—they mark out where her nostrils go.

Draw chin beneath the circle

Draw Mikasa’s Eyes and Eyebrows

After making your guidelines, sketch out Mikasa’s eyebrows and eyes with a pencil.

The first step is drawing in her eyebrows; start by making two lines that curve down towards her cheeks.

These will become your guidelines for creating the rest of her brows.

Connect these lines at their peaks with a horizontal line above them and fill in both parts of her brows with light, wispy strokes of your pencil or pen.

Next, draw in Mikasa’s eyes.

Start by making an upside-down triangle above each eye as a guideline for where you should put them.

Within these triangles, make two ovals that taper slightly toward their centers; then add dark outlines around each oval after you fill them in with black ink or paint.

Draw Mikasa Ackerman Eyes and Eyebrows

Draw Mikasa’s Mouth and Nose

  • Draw Mikasa’s Mouth

Some key characteristics of Mikasa’s mouth: It’s often drawn in a frown or pout, with her lips angled down.

Sometimes she’ll have her lower lip extended out further than her upper lip.

Her mouth is often curved slightly downward toward her chin.

Her upper lip is generally shorter than her lower one, but not always!

It also might be thinner or wider than normal—these are just guidelines!

Like we said before, it all depends on what you feel looks best for your drawing!

The most important thing to remember when drawing Mikasa’s mouth is that it should complement and support your overall drawing.

Don’t get so caught up in getting every little detail right that you lose sight of how it looks as a whole!

  • Draw Mikasa’s Nose

As you can see, Ms. Ackerman’s nose is quite large in proportion to her face.

Don’t get caught up trying to give your drawing more detail than it needs, though.

Instead, put your pencil where her nose should be and draw a circle that meets at least two-thirds of the way down her face.

Then make a triangle on top of it so that its point touches her eyebrows and ends in line with one of her eyes—like so!

Draw Mikasa ackerman Nose

Draw Mikasa’s Neck outline

Before drawing her neck, you’ll want to sketch out a guide for yourself.

It’s not that hard—just lightly draw an upside-down letter V with a long, curved top.

The bottom point of your V should hit at about Mikasa’s collarbone; once it does, curve down toward her shoulder and back up again before connecting with her ear.

With your V-guide in place, it’s time to draw Mikasa’s neck itself: simply connect it directly into her head shape by drawing a gentle line coming down off of both sides of your V-line.

Draw Mikasa’s Neck outline

Draw Mikasa’s Hair

Using a No. 2 pencil, draw her hair, starting at her forehead and making sure that you have a clear line of sight with your reference image.

Keep your lines light until you get to her bangs; these should be thick and wavy—not spiky!

Erase your guidelines as you go along for cleaner lines.

When drawing Mikasa’s bangs, make sure that there is more space in between them than in other parts of her hair.

When drawing her ponytail, start at a point where it intersects with his forehead, making sure it drapes down over one shoulder before reaching another point just below where it begins.

Mikasa Ackerman Hair drawing

Draw her Shoulders and Uniform

Start by drawing a vertical line through her shoulders, as well as a horizontal line beneath them.

After that, draw two diagonal lines intersecting at roughly 90 degrees at these points.

Mikasa’s jacket-like uniform tapers off around these lines, so use them as guides for how large or small you want her sleeves and coat.

There is no definitive width to their appearance in regards to how far apart they should be or how much wider or narrower they are than Mikasa’s waist; simply make sure that there is a distinct difference between what you want for sleeves and what you want for her coat.

Mikasa Ackerman Shoulders and Uniform drawing

Bold/ Darken the Outlines

When you’re first starting out, it can be tough to know how much detail is too much.

We recommend bolding your initial outlines (for now) so that you can get a feel for proportion and body placement without having to worry about details.

Then, once you have a solid understanding of where things go and roughly how big they should be, we suggest lightening up with some shading.

This will help you add a bit more realism to your drawings!

Finally, we recommend going back through your drawings and checking proportions before moving on to more complex characters like Mikasa Ackerman.

Bold or Darken the Mikasa Ackerman Outlines

Erase extra Guidelines

Make sure you aren’t making any unnecessary guidelines.

All guidelines should serve a purpose: they should help to guide your line weight while drawing, they should be important features of your drawing or they should help establish symmetry within your work.

Don’t be afraid to erase and redraw them, though; adding more is better than not enough!.

The first time you draw a character it may take some time for you to figure out where all of your guidelines belong, but after that, it will become second nature.

Also, remember that sometimes erasing something can improve upon an idea; if you feel as though something doesn’t need any more guidelines or simply makes things too complicated don’t hesitate in removing it!

Erase extra Guidelines

Add colors

You will first need to pencil out a basic sketch of her body, including her head and arms.

After that, you can use a fine-tipped pen for smaller details.

Next, you will be in need to add more detail with a paintbrush or even crayons!

One thing is for sure; however, if you are trying to color in someone who can slice through walls like they’re made of butter…you probably shouldn’t get too detailed.

Once you have your drawing colored in then you can either display it or save it as a gift for yourself or even give it away as a special little treat.

Who knows, maybe she’ll inspire others as some have inspired us!.

We hope that our tutorial helped and once again welcome any questions if there are any during your drawing process!

colors addition in Mikasa Ackerman character

Final Thoughts

This is a step-by-step guide on Mikasa Ackerman drawing.

Please let us know in the comments if you have any questions or feedback.

Image Source: howtoanime.com

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