Step-By-Step Instructions On Kakashi Hatake Drawing From Naruto

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Some artists might prefer to start with the basic outline of the character’s head and body, while others may want to begin with the details of the clothing or hair. Here’s a tutorial that outlines a few different methods for drawing Kakashi Hatake, based on your preference and level of skill.

Kakashi Hatake is very easy to draw. You have to follow a few very simple steps.

Introduction to Kakashi Hatake Drawing


Kakashi Hatake (Japanese: Hatake Kakashi) is the main protagonist in Takahashi Kishimoto’s Ninja anime and manga anime.

Kakashi is the trainer of Group 7, which involves Sasuke Uzumaki, Sasuke Uchiha, and Sakura Haruno, the anime’s central protagonists.

He is initially shown as a cold and apathetic protagonist, but as the series continues, his loyalty to his friends and students becomes clearer.

drawing kakashi

Material Needed

For getting started, you’ll need only a sheet of paper and a pen, pencil, or eraser.

You can also choose to color your final drawing.

Step by Step Instructions on How to Draw Kakashi Hatake from Naruto

The complete tutorial is summarized in just three basic steps and then the step-by-step guide will be discussed.

  1. First, draw a basic outline of the Hatake with a pencil.
  2. Next, start shading in the Hatake using a light pencil so that it’s slightly darker than the rest of the paper.
  3. Once the shading is done, use a dark pencil to go over the edges of the Hatake, making it blacker than the other areas of the paper.

Step No 1) Start Kakashi Hatake Drawing with a circle

To start, we’ll form a circle at the top of the page to indicate Kakashi.

Don’t touch too hard on the pencil as this is just a creation line that will be removed later, just like the other blue lines in this guide.

Ensure to give some space around the circle to draw the remains of Kakashi’s face and a massive wave of hair.

Step No 1) Start Kakashi Hatake Drawing with a circle

Step No 2) Draw the center and eye lines

We’ll create the center and eye lines as we draw our structure lines. Because Kakashi is staring in that area, the central part should be a little bit off-center, and the eye line should divide the head circle in half.

Ensure that the design lines will be larger than the circle, particularly the bottom of the central line.

Step No 2) Draw the center and eye lines

Step no 3) Finishing Head Shape

Attach a line on the midline to form the head circle on the left to create a Kakashi jawline.

The space between his helmet and his jaw is almost half the size of his head shape.

We’ll move to the repeated method once more, but create the right side this time.

The basic head shape is now finished. If you have done it properly, this is good work.

Now we will move forward with Drawing Kakashi Hatake Headband.

Step no 3) Finishing Head Shape (1)

Step no 3) Finishing Head Shape (2)

Step No 4) Head Band and Ears Creation

We’ll continue with Drawing Kakashi’s headband.

As you’ve seen in the previous step, it forms a curved oval and covers the whole of its lower head/forehead section.

Our outlines should be slightly larger than the head, with the top and bottom sides curved in the center.

The upper line needs to be drawn just under the center – line and the top circle crossing.

Join the headbands end to the jawline on both sides, just with the below points to join the head circle.

Kakashi ears are now ready; if you have completed it properly, then we will move forward.

If the answer is not, then try again before moving forward.

Step No 4) Head Band and Ears Creation

Step No 5) Hairs and eyes Creation

It’s time to Draw Kakashi’s hair.

If you have made any mistake in the previous step, erase it and try again.

Now let’s start by drawing the hair of Kakashi in a rectangular shape, which, drawn in the previous step, is large.

The form should be a little rhombus shape, like a short rectangle curved to the right.

Step No 5) Kakashi Hatake Hairs and eyes Creation (2)

The distance between the top and bottom corners that touch the ear is approximately equivalent to the difference between Kakashi’s jaw and the peak of his head.

Before you finish this step, you must draw Kakashi’s neck.

A line is drawn from the ears on the left, and a smaller line that curves out on the right will create Kakashi’s Neck.

After that, we will add some lines in detail.

We’re now focusing on drawing his eyes, so draw them on the eye line.

This is also the moment where we’ll draw the top line for Kakashi’s face cover as shown below, and it will help you properly for completing the drawing.

Step No 5) Kakashi Hatake Hairs and eyes Creation (1)

Step No 6) Facial Features Drawing

We’re going to finish the work.

There’ll be a lot of facts as we draw out Kakashi’s facial features at this level.

Let’s start with the irises and pupils, be careful to include Kakashi’s Sharingan in his right eye.

Then, behind eyes, we’ll add lines and eyebrow lines that curl upwards toward the center and almost reach the centerline immediately above the eyes.

Then we’ll move on to his nose and draw the line of Kakashi’s helmet shadows produced by his nose.

Finally, a pair of wavy lines will be drawn on both sides to add detail to the ears.

Step No 6) Kakashi Hatake Facial Features Drawing (2)

If you have completed the previous step, the next ones should be simple.

At this point, all we need to do is draw the metal plate within Kakashi’s headband. Rather than lines, the edges should be curved gradually.

Step No 6) Kakashi Hatake Facial Features Drawing (1)

Step No 7) Hidden Leaf Creation

Draw a little circle with a diagonal line crossing the center line on the plate, we created in the previous step.

In the next phase, we’ll use this information to create the Secret Leaf village sign.

Step No 7) Kakashi Hatake Hidden Leaf Creation

Step No 8) Kakashi’s Body Creation

To complete the leaf symbol, draw a spiral in the center circle and expand a triangle whose tip is at the left end of the line.

Finish this step by inserting the four little circles for Kakashi’s plate.

Once completing the face, it’s time to look for the body.

We’ll draw a little circle just below the eyebrows.

This structure will help us find Kakashi’s jacket later. Also, please try to reduce any or all of our current construction lines. If you want, remove them with your eraser.

Step No 8) Kakashi’s Body Creation

Step No 9) Work on Hairs

Let’s focus more on the hairstyle creations.

We’ll create two spikes on the right, and three on the left should be enough.

To represent his scars under the eye on the right, we should draw a line and two spikes on the edge of the metal plate on the left of Kakashi’s headband.

And then we’ll go to Kakashi’s jacket for its completion.

For the right-hand edge of the jacket, draw a line with two curves.

Step No 9) Work on Kakashi Hatake Hairs

Step No 9) Work on Kakashi Hatake Hairs (2)

Step No 10) Collar Creation

Now, beginning at the jacket’s collar, draw two curving lines.

The right collar inside line pushes it against the top of his face shield.

Then two little curls will show the collar line.

The elbow lines on the right below the collar could then be added.

There’s a dark line in the back of Kakashi’s head and on the left side of his neck.

Feel free to soften any of the previous phase’s building lines on the jacket.

We’ll use the rhomboid hair structure to draw Kakashi’s crazy spiked hair.

Just touch and overlap the building’s hairs outline. If your Drawing is Not Proper, then you can try it again.

Step No 10) Kakashi Hatake Collar Creation (2)

Step No 10) Kakashi Hatake Collar Creation (1)

Step No 11) Finishing Process

We’ll add another layer of spikes inside the previous phase’s hair spikes.

The metal plate’s top corner and a small lightning line directly touch the leaf from the right, which will help us finalize the drawing.

Use an eraser carefully to erase all of the extra lines.

Finish the lines with your black pen.

The hair and eye details and the details on the metal plate and jacket collar should be smaller than the broader face, outside hair, and jacket lines.

Fill the shadows on the metal plate of the headband, the two spikes on the left side, under the chin, and to the left of the neck.

Remove remaining extra lines.

You now have completed Kakashi’s Hatake drawing.

To become an expert, you should try Drawing Kakashi Hatake again and again.

Check your work and make any necessary modifications and retry.

This is the fastest way to draw an amazing creation of manga characters.

Step No 11) Finishing Process

Speed Drawing Kakashi Hatake


In this article, we have shown you how to draw Kakashi Hatake from Naruto step by step.

This is a fairly simple drawing, but it can be a little tricky to get the proportions just right.

We hope you enjoy this tutorial! If you have any questions, please leave a comment below.


In this tutorial, we have taught how to draw Kakashi Hatake from Naruto step by step.

This character is a jonin from Konohagakure and a member of Team Minato.

You will need a piece of paper, a pencil, and an eraser for getting started with it.

Follow these simple steps to create your work of art.

Feel free to comment below with your drawings!