Learn Keisuke Baji Drawing In Just 5 Minutes A Day (Step-By-Step Guide)

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How to Draw Keisuke Baji


How to draw Keisuke Baji step by step, learn Keisuke Baji drawing with this simple tutorial.

Follow our drawing and step-by-step drawing instructions, we will show you how to draw Baji from KEISUKE BAJI in no time.

Material Required

It is advisable to use a pen or pencil with HB lead.

The fundamental steps of how to draw baji can be done with simple materials like them.

From our example, we will be using an HB Pencil and A4 paper but you may find your preferred material in order how to draw baji properly.


Before going into drawing details, sketch as much as possible on how to draw baji such as outlining its face and body shape using circles.

Try experimenting with different options on different areas such as faces by drawing eyes and noses first before proceeding further.

As an alternative, you may also choose a blank template of Keisuke Baji from online image sources or print it out from books if available at libraries near you for easier access to creating shapes on it.

How to Draw Keisuke Baji Step-By-Step

Draw a circle

The first step of how to draw Keisuke Baji is drawing a circle with your pencil.

The circle doesn’t have to be perfect, it can be rough and basic.

However, you should make sure that it looks like a circle before moving on.

If you’re having trouble making a circular shape with your pencil and paper, try using an object or image as a reference for drawing your desired circle.

For example, if you want a rounder-looking circle, use something circular like an orange or ball of yarn as a reference for comparison.

If you need to practice making circles smaller than those found in fruit or other materials like yarn balls (unless those objects are what you plan on drawing) then look at pictures from books and magazines.

Draw a circle

Draw eyes inside a circle

First of all, you need to draw an oval shape in order to get a perfect circle.

It’s really important because if you don’t do it right, it will affect your drawing at a later stage.

To do that, draw two diagonal lines across your paper and then connect them where they intersect with each other.

The first thing we will be working on is eyes for KEISUKE BAJI!

His eyes are about two-thirds of his face in size so you should start off by drawing an oval in that proportion.

Start by drawing half-moon shapes from both sides and then draw another one inside each half-moon shape.

Finally, add some simple eyeballs inside those shapes, and violà!

Draw eyebrows

To draw eyebrows, you first need to know where they go.

Baji’s brows are usually thin, but they curve downwards slightly, ending at his eyes.

A good place to start when drawing them is by sketching two diagonal lines that almost meet at a point over each eye.

They also extend down past his nose and form a rough inverted triangle shape between your main character’s eyes and mouth.

When drawing eyebrows, always remember that one eyebrow should be thinner than the other (Baji is not symmetrical!).

Thickness isn’t really something you need to keep track of though; just pay attention so both sides don’t look exactly alike.

Also, draw some lightened parallel lines around the circle for the hairs.

Draw eyebrows

Add details on the face

  • Draw Nose

Use a ruler or a straight edge to draw three dots that are evenly spaced apart.

The first dot should be light thin, and each successive dot should be placed about.5 cm from its predecessor.

These dots will form your character’s nose.

To get a feel for how these dots should look, take a look at Keisuke Baji’s picture above—the bottom-most dot is where his nose begins, and you can see how each successive dot gets larger as it moves away from that point.

  • Draw Lips

The first thing you should do is draw out some really good lips.

This is what Keisuke baji’s lips look like, however, you can also create your own variant of it.

What you have to remember is that a cartoon character’s mouth looks like a simple shape of W.

This means that, unlike realistic portraits where no details are missing, in order for your character to look cute; most of its details must be rounded and large.

Remember that light pink blush on the upper part of his lips?

Just add up more layers of light blush and highlight them so they will stand out from all other shades making him appear more girly.

keisuke baji Lips drawing

Draw Hairs and Chin

  • Draw long hairs

Long, sleek hair is one of Baji’s most distinct visual traits.

If you want your cartoonish rendition of him to really stand out, focus on making sure his locks are long and voluminous.

It might take a little time, but it’ll be worth it when you see how much more dynamic your drawing will look.

You can keep things simple by adding just a few strands or gradually build up her mane until it resembles an anime or manga-style coif.

Make sure that all of her hair is dark and stick straight out from her head.


Pull out a ruler and sketch out what you’d like your hairline to look like.

It can be as clean or messy as you want, depending on how realistic your style of art is.

For example, if you’re drawing something more simple-looking, you may want more crisp lines (for instance, think anime), while if you want something less cartoony and more realistic, use softer lines.

To make things simpler for yourself in the next steps when it comes time to add shading details, try keeping your hair shapes closer together at first so that they are easier to distinguish from one another.

But for now, just focus on getting everything proportionate and in place.

  • Draw chin

Always start your sketch by drawing an outline of your subject’s face.

For example, to draw Keisuke Baji’s chin, use a long curving line that starts at one of his cheekbones (with just a few quick strokes) and leads down his neck.

As you draw chin lines like these, keep them as smooth and free of hiccups as possible—you’re essentially tracing over features with your pencil.

Every so often, take a break from drawing; letting your hand rest for 30 seconds or so will help prevent you from losing control over your pencil!

keisuke baji chin drawing

Draw Neck

Draw a line following your temple and jaw.

Begin at your ear, curving down toward your shoulder as you go around your chin.

Use an eraser if you need to make adjustments.

Then draw a straight line across, making sure it touches both sides of your jawbone just below where you began drawing in that curve; continue up and over until it meets with your first line.

The result is one long curve that covers your neck and follows part of what would be either side of it in real life.

This is a tricky shape to draw well, so take plenty of time trying it out before continuing on with the next!

Draw Shoulders

The shoulders are one of three main areas for muscle definition on a character’s body, along with their abs and thighs.

In order to emphasize those muscles in your drawing, first, draw the outline of Baji’s shoulders.

Next, draw some curved lines under that initial shape.

These lines should curve out from below the shoulder bone and then follow down towards your character’s armpit.

Finally, you can draw a long rectangular shape beneath each shoulder bone which will give you some depth behind your subject’s shoulder blades while still making them appear flat against their back.

Make sure these shapes don’t meet or overlap with one another in any way because that would break up their clean outline and make them less visible.

Draw Clothes

When you start drawing Keisuke baji, think about how his clothes will affect his pose.

For example, a loose shirt hanging over a vest and chest armor will be more likely to get caught in combat than a heavy coat would.

The lighter clothing also allows for easier free-flowing movement, which is important when it comes time to draw action sequences.

If your character wears armor with an underlayer of dark cloth or fur-lined protection, don’t forget to add some interesting details to those areas as well.

Draw Keisuke Baji Clothes

Guidelines and Colors

When drawing a portrait, we’re often left with an excess of guidelines that need to be erased.

In Keisuke Baji’s case, however, these guidelines are essential.

His signature look is a cross between bold cartooning and graffiti-inspired style—which means you want to leave as much on your paper as possible.

To draw him step by step, follow these instructions:

1) Start with large ovals for his overall form (which should resemble an oversized diamond)

2) Carve out his hair;

3) Detailed in details such as eyes, shirt, and background;

4) Erase any remaining guidelines you can.

5) Add some colors as you like.

Guidelines and Colors


This blog provides a step-by-step guide on how to draw Baji, a popular character.

If you are interested in learning how to draw Baji, or any other character, comment below and we would be happy to help.

Picture Source: howtoanime.com

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