Learn Ichigo Kurosaki Drawing In Just 5 Minutes A Day (Step-By-Step Guide)

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In this article, we will be talking about how to draw Ichigo Kurosaki from Bleach. You can draw the character with a few easy steps and make a good-looking drawing in no time.

Learning how to draw Ichigo Kurosaki from Bleach can be tricky since his character design looks very complex at first glance, but as long as you know how to draw the basic shapes of his face and hair, it’s possible to create your anime-style rendition of this powerful fighter.

If you’re ready to learn more about drawing Ichigo Kurosaki from Bleach, this step-by-step guide will help you do just that!

Step by Step Instructions on How to Draw Ichigo Kurosaki from Bleach


Start with a Circle

The first step in drawing Ichigo is to start with a circle.

Although, not just any circle will do.

You need to draw a perfect circle, so take your time and measure everything twice.

It should be about an inch and a half wide; if you use graph paper that helps keep everything even.

That said, make sure it’s smaller than all of his other body parts; otherwise, he’ll look like he has a smooth head (and possibly a giant ego).

Start with a Circle

Add the Lines

To draw Ichigo Kurosaki, begin by drawing a large circle.

This is where his head will be.

Next, draw an even smaller circle inside of it; these will be guidelines for his eyes.

Then, add two large ovals to represent his upper body and shoulder area.

Draw small lines on either side of each oval to indicate where he will later have arms and hands.

On either side of his face, add three lines that slope down at almost a right angle.

These are meant to show that he has ears sticking out from behind his hair—long and elf-like!

Add the Lines

Add details in the body

Draw outline for arms

Like any drawing, you’ll start with an outline of your subject.

To make sure that both arms are anatomically correct, draw them out at an angle from your initial body line.

Be careful not to add in details yet; just get it close enough so that when you fill in your drawing, everything will be in proportion.

For example, if you know that a person’s right hand is times larger than their left hand and they’re holding something—like a sword or a cell phone—in their right hand then make sure to account for those details before continuing.

If not, then they might end up looking wonky once you start filling things in.

Draw outline for hands

Use a straight edge and pencil to outline each of his hands.

To get an idea of how they should look, look at our reference drawing image given below.

The outlines should be close enough that only minimal details need to be filled in later on, but far enough apart that his hand can fit inside them.

Try to use freehanded guidelines rather than ruler lines so that your drawing has a more natural, fluid feel.

Draw outline for legs

Place a ruler in between your thumb and index finger on each hand and hold it vertically.

Place your pencil on top of your fingers so that it is pointing down at an angle.

Begin drawing a small line at one end of your vertical line, working up and down until you have a thick black outline for each leg.

Remember to make them as wide as possible, as short legs are one of Ichigo’s traits.

This process should create two identical, but slightly smaller rectangles.

When you are finished, erase any excess black lines with an eraser so that they do not show up when you begin coloring in the legs.

Repeat these steps for both legs on Ichigo’s body.

Draw outline for feets

Use your pencil and get a blank sheet of paper.

First, draw out his foot by following along with step 1.

His feet look like regular feet so it is pretty easy to draw them.

After you have drawn one foot, move on to step 2 and draw another one that looks exactly like the first one.

This will make it easier for you if you want to trace it with your pencil later on.

Draw outline for Ichigo feets

Draw Guidelines

To draw out a straight line, start at one point and place your pencil tip on another point.

Then, keep your pencil tip in place and move your hand over it while maintaining a constant speed.

This should result in a nice straight line!

If you need to make adjustments or want straighter lines, use an eraser!

Note: Be sure not to put too much pressure down onto your paper as you’re drawing.

If you’re going for an angled line rather than just a straight one (like we are here), then be sure to create both ends of it at approximately 45 degrees so that they connect up with each other.

It looks way better when done right!

Draw Guidelines (2)

First, draw half-front hairs for your basic shape.

Next, add a rectangle at each end of your half circle.

This will be used as your headline and neckline.

Once you have those two rectangles drawn out, draw three connected circles to represent Ichigo’s shoulders.

Draw Guidelines (1)

Draw cloth outlines

Once you’ve drawn your body outline, you’ll want to create a simple guide for adding texture to his clothing.

Simply draw two small rectangles at both ends of his waist, like in the picture given below.

This will help us later on when we add shading along with his cloth outlines.

Now that we have a basic foundation for drawing Ichigo Kurosaki, let’s move on to draw his lower body clothes.

Draw Ichigo cloth outlines

In your drawing, sketch out a simple frock outline with lines that curve towards each other at the top and bottom.

As you draw, make sure that you keep both of your hands equally spaced from each other.

This is because when you first start drawing, it can be difficult to get everything lined up correctly.

Sketching out a basic figure will help ensure that your final project ends up looking proportionate.

Draw Ichigo cloth outlines (2)

Draw Fingers and Sword

In general, drawing a character’s hands can be difficult because there are so many parts of them, and you’re dealing with so many different shapes that are all pulling in different directions.

A good rule of thumb for drawing hands is to make sure you draw at least three fingers on each hand that way your characters will look normal whether they’re holding a sword or shaking someone’s hand.

With that in mind, here are some basic steps for drawing any hand: First, start by laying down your guidelines for where those fingers should go.

Since there are three fingers here, we’ll need four horizontal lines across Ichigo’s palm—one line per finger and one extra line at either end for his thumbs.

Draw Fingers and Sword of Ichigo

Draw Hairs and Feets

For Hairs

The first step is drawing a straight line for where your character’s hair will fall across their forehead.

This should start at an inch or two away from their eyebrow and end directly below it—for many characters, keeping their hair in a basic ponytail or braid near their ear helps with that.

Next, draw some lines curving inward from both sides of your central line that come together on top of your character’s head: these are going to be guidelines for his bangs.

 Ichigo Kurosaki Feets Drawing

Draw a small circle for his feet, making sure that it looks large enough to fit his body.

Use a curved line at the bottom of each one.

Connect it to your first circle by drawing a curved line over where his foot is connected with his leg.

Repeat these steps for both legs and connect them If so they look like one piece.

We will now start drawing Ichigo’s torso, head, and arms using only circles!

Draw a small circle on top of his feet where you want his upper torso/chest area to be located.

Now make two more circles underneath those and connect them with lines to give it final touches.

Ichigo Feets drawing

 Ichigo Kurosaki Eyes Drawing

To draw Ichigo’s eyes, I used a bold pencil.

Draw half circles for his pupils and then draw lines from those half circles that go to one side of his face.

His eyebrows are rectangular and point down slightly at their ends.

Next, sketch in his eyelashes (little downward arrows).

Then, use a 2B pencil and shade in his eyes by filling in these shapes with a few quick strokes of your pencil.

It’s also important to enhance his clothes as we did behind his sword.

With any luck, you’ll end up with something like mine below: You can also see how we went about drawing out Ichigo’s other features in the picture given below.

Ichigo eyes drawing

Trace Outlines

Next, you need to add bold outlines so that you can see your drawing more clearly.

You don’t have to trace your drawing.

Instead, just use a pencil to connect all of your desired lines.

It should look something like what is shown below.

Try not to press too hard when doing this as it will create darker areas on your paper, which you don’t want.

In fact, if you go slowly enough and light enough, there shouldn’t be any dark marks left behind at all.

Remember: if you go back in and make modifications later on, those lines will stay!

Trace Outlines

Conclusion to Ichigo Kurosaki Drawing

While there is no substitute for practice and patience, these steps should help you get a better idea of how to draw Ichigo Kurosaki from Bleach.

As long as you have these tools and use them in a disciplined manner, you’ll be able to achieve your drawing goals.

Remember that anyone can draw (or do anything); it’s just a matter of putting your mind and body into it!

Good luck!

Picture Source: drawingtutorials101.com

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