How to Draw Suicide Squad Harley Quinn (Drawing Tutorial For Beginners)

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Let’s get started with the Harley Quinn Drawing without further ado.

Harley Quinn is a humorously dangerous but affectionate anime character who thrives on being the unpredictable “wild card.”

She’s always seen with her bat, which is one of her weapons for defense.

Here I will give you a few steps to replicate Harley Quinn uniquely successfully.

How  to Draw Harley Quinn Easy & Step By Step


Draw Harley Quinn Pose

Draw a circle(oval) shape bending towards the left side of the body, draw a vertical line at the center of this circle(oval) also bending in alignment to the head this is the basis for the positioning of the facial features.

Draw a horizontal line at the center of this circle (oval shape), this is the basis (first step) of drawing the eyes.

Draw a thick vertical line under the circle (oval shape) of the head, this is the basis of the neck.

Draw a big circle under this vertical line, this circle should not be round in shape but an oval shape.

In this drawing, we’ll be sketching only the upper body of Harley.

Draw Harley Quinn Pose

Draw Outlines for Harley Quinn’s Arms and Hands

To draw the arms, draw a slightly bent vertical line at the sides of the big oval shape.

The vertical line representing both arms should show that Harley is raising up her hands.

To draw the hands: draw circles on these vertical lines(forearms), the circle on the right arm should be strategically placed on the vertical line while the circle on the left arm is bent on the vertical line, this is her hands.

Draw Harley Quinn’s Body and face
                                                            Draw Harley Quinn’s Body and face

Begin to Draw Harley Quinn’s Hair

Harley wears her hair in bangs and two ponytails on the side.

Start the drawing for her hair by drawing her left and right bangs by using curved lines coming from the center of her head which is outlined by the vertical line running through the center of her head.

Draw Harley Quinn’s Jaw

Harley’s jaw is connected to the hair and the neck.

To draw the jaw, trace down the lower part of the oval shape you drew for the head.

Draw her jaw by tracing out a broad V- shape, as she wears a big smile on her face.

Draw Harley Quinn’s Face

Draw the Nose and Eyebrow

To draw the nose, draw a curve from the left side of her hair passing through the horizontal line of the eyes to the point where the nose should be; draw a curved horizontal line from the right side of the head to the vertical line that runs through the head.

Draw a vertical line joining this curved horizontal line to the curved one that runs from the hair to the side of the nose so that it forms a small sharp edge, this is the nose.

To draw the eyebrow, draw a concave curve from the vertical line of the hair to the point where the vertical line of the head and the horizontal line of the eyes meet; this is the eyebrow for the right eye.

The curve that runs from the hair to the point of the nose will serve as the eyebrow for the left eye.

Draw the Mouth, Eyes, And The Love Tattoo On Her Cheek:

To draw her mouth, you have to put in mind that she is smiling and her lips are apart.

Draw a horizontal line in the part that represents the mouth.

Then draw her smile by using short vertical lines on the two ends of the horizontal line representing her upper lip.

Draw the lower lip using a “U” shaped line joining the two ends of the horizontal line forming the upper lip.

The wider you draw the mouth the broader the smile on her face.

The two lips will then form the mouth, but only her teeth can be seen, so draw a line in between both lips to show her upper and lower set of teeth.

To draw the eyes, draw a concave curve under the eyebrow and finish it with a convex curve but this convex curve should not meet the end of the concave curve close to the nose so it can look more realistic; this is the eyes.

Draw a very small and thin convex curve inside the eyes, and make a dot inside the convex curve, this is the pupil and the untouched part of the eyes is the iris.

To draw the love tattoo on her cheek, the tattoo is on the right side of the cheek(face) and below the right eye.

To draw this tattoo, draw a love shape with a thin line and shade the inside of the love shape till it becomes real.

Complete Harley Quinn’s Hair

After drawing the bangs you still need to draw the ponytails, but first, draw two curves coming from the outer part of her right and left bangs to meet in the middle of her hair to draw her hair fully.

The ponytails can be drawn as an extension from the right side and left side of her hair, by using two curly lines, one above and one below.

Add more lines in between these two lines.

The farther the lines the fuller her ponytail.

You can use several curly lines to define the tip of the ponytails to look more like a tail. Draw a rectangle (hair bond) at the starting point of the ponytails.

Draw Harley Quinn’s Neck

Draw vertical lines (the left line from the left side of the jaw and the right line from her bangs on the right side of the jaw) down to the big oval shape of the chest; this is the neck.

Draw Harley Quinn’s Torso and Arm

To draw her torso first draw out her shoulder by drawing slightly curved horizontal lines running from the neck.

Then draw out the upper arm, and draw the line to run vertically downward towards the body.

Draw her underarm using the torso connected to the upper arms, so you will draw part of the arm so you can make out your torso.

Then draw a curved vertical line from her underarm facing the oval shape of the chest, this curve shows the broadness of her chest, then continue the line downward and inwards to show her slim waistline, repeat the steps for the other side of her body.

Draw Harley Quinn’s Bat

Harley’s bat is behind her neck, to draw the bat, draw horizontal lines running through the back of her neck over her shoulders, the horizontal line should pass through the circle you drew for the hand, and curve the line at the right hand downward.

Draw horizontal lines at the top of the previous line but this line must leave the print of fingers before it gets to her hair, curve the line at the right side of the hand upwardly.

Draw small vertical lines in the middle of the hair and neck so it looks like the continuation of the upper horizontal line.

Draw another small horizontal line in the middle of the hair strands as a continuation of the upper horizontal line.

Finish the upper horizontal line with a small horizontal line that serves as the continuation to the concave curve of the hair.

Draw a big curve to join the upper and lower horizontal lines together so it can form the top part of the bat.

Draw a small curve to join the upper and lower horizontally curved lines together so it forms the bottom part of the bat, this is Harley’s bat.

Draw Harley Quinn’s Arm and Hand

Since you’ve started the upper arm, draw small vertical lines that run upwards for the arm.

Then draw the wrist by narrowing the lines.

For the hand, draw your fingers on the bat to fit in the fingerprint you drew earlier; this shows the fingers are on the bat.

Draw Harley Quinn’s Spiked Bracelet

To draw the spiked bracelet for the right hand, divide the wrist with a vertical line which makes it a bigger square than that of the left arm.

Now draw six thorn-like shapes on the square for the left arm, and draw the same six thorn-like shapes on the small curved lines you made on the left wrist, this is the spike bracelet.

Draw Harley Quinn’s Spiked Bracelet, ripped collar and shirt
                                              Draw Harley Quinn’s Spiked Bracelet, ripped collar, and shirt

Quinn’s Ripped Collar and Shirt

Draw a small horizontal curve between the right jaw and the hair.

Draw a curve joining the lines of the neck together, so it forms the perfect shape of the ripped collar.

To draw the shirt, draw a freehand sketch of the V curve of the neck, so it shows the upper part of her cloth, draw another freehand sketch of the V-shape above the upper part of her cloth and below the ripped collar, so it makes the upper part of the cloth look more realistic, draw a horizontal curve joining the two arms together, so it forms the upper design of the cloth.

Add Details in Harley Quinn Drawing

This is where you have the last chance to add all the necessary lines and dots on both her body and other outlines, write the word “Daddy’s Lil Monster” on the cloth, and add the wood lines on the bat, so it makes it look more realistic.

Enhance Outline

Use the best color for all her body parts, including our eyes, nose, and mouth, using red color for the love tattoo, the teeth are white, the pupil is brownish while the iris is white.

Harley is wearing a white top with red along the neck and the arm, the spikes are gold in color, and the letterings on her cloth are black.

Enhance Harley Quinn Outline

Conclusion to Harley Quinn Drawing

With these steps, Harley Quinn drawing should be easy for you.

You need to gather all the necessary materials or equipment, such as a pencil, eraser, ruler, and paper to draw.

Drawing Harley Quinn is not difficult; all you need to do is be patient while drawing and find a better environment for you to draw.

Enjoy your drawings.