Learn Squinted & Closed Anime Eyes Drawing in just 5 min. The Excellent Guide

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This quick lesson will show you how to draw squinted and closed anime eyes in the front perspective with closed, half-closed, and squinted eyes.

Anime's eyes squint and close.

It’s a good idea to study how eyes close in general before designing closed or squinting anime eyes.

How do you close your eyes

How to Draw a Closed Anime Eye


You can use the following images as a resource to draw your character with closed eyes.

Smiling anime girl eye closed

Smiling anime girl eye closed
Smiling anime girl eye closed

Angry anime girl eye closed

Angry anime girl eye closed
Angry anime girl eye closed

Sad anime girl eye closed

Sad anime girl eye closed
Sad anime girl eye closed

Anime boy eyes closed

anime boy eyes closed

How do you close your eyes?

In a calm condition, the top eyelid slides down to the bottom eyelid, with the bottom eyelid largely remaining stationary. When you squint your eyes, the top and bottom eyelids move nearer each other.

How to Draw Anime Eyelashes (with Step-by-Step Instructions)

Step-by-Step Drawing of Relaxed Closed Anime Eyes

Draw the upper eyelid lower down but the bottom eyelid where it would typically be when portraying anime eyes shutting in a peaceful condition.

While drawing the eyes completely closed, draw the upper eyelid where the bottom eyelid would be if the eyes were open.

When the eyes are closed, draw the top eyelids curling oppositely than when they are open.

Positions of anime eyelids shutting

Positions of anime eyelids shutting.

The location of the eyelids in respect to the iris when the eyes close may be seen in the illustration above.

Anime Eyes with Squinting

Squinting anime eyes

sad anime girl squinting

Draw the top eyelid lower down and the bottom eyelid higher up than typical when sketching squinting anime eyes.

You may make the upper eyelid somewhat less curled, and the lower eyelid’s curve matches the top eyelid’s curvature.

For completely closed squinting eyes, draw each eye as a single curve with a hint of eyelashes. Next, draw the curves that would be vertical in the center if the eyes were open around the location of the eyes.

Positions of anime eyelid squinting.

As in the last example, the location of the eyelids about the iris may be seen as the eyes squint.


This was a quick tutorial, but perhaps it provided you with a better understanding of how to create anime eyes that are closed and squinting.

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