How To Draw Langa Hasegawa (Step-By-Step Guide For Beginners)

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With just a few easy steps, you can learn how to draw Langa Hasegawa – the famed character.

This step-by-step guide will show you how to create his distinctive hair and clothing and give him that characteristic anime look.



If you want to learn Drawing Langa Hasegawa, this tutorial will help you learn how to draw the “SK8 the Infinity anime” character Langa Hasegawa or Hasegawa Ranga.

Our step-by-step guide starts with the basic shapes and proportions of the head before moving on to the body, clothes, and accessories.

In this step-by-step guide, you’ll learn how to draw Langa Hasegawa from the popular manga and anime series SK8 the Infinity anime!

Not only is he a stunning character, but he’s also relatively easy to draw; this drawing tutorial of a character is perfect for beginners.

We’ll start by covering the basics, such as forming the basic shapes that makeup Langa’s body.

Once you’ve got those down, we’ll move on to more advanced techniques, such as adding detail and shading.

We will focus on the head shape and hair for this first part.

Langa Hasegawa has a relatively round head shape, with a pronounced widow’s peak hairline.

His hairs are long and styled into two thick pigtails that curve outwards.

How To Draw Langa Hasegawa (Step-By-Step Guide For Beginners)

Materials needed

Before starting the drawing of Langa Hasegawa, you will need a few simple drawing materials that will help you draw a professional drawing and make you perfect.

A list of material for your guidance is below:

  • A piece of paper
  • A pencil
  • Ruler
  • HB lead pencil (or Pencil Crayons)

How to Start Drawing Langa Hasegawa?

If you want to learn how to draw Langa Hasegawa, you can find many great resources on the internet.

However, the best way to learn is to find a good Langa Hasegawa drawing tutorial.

There are many different ways to learn how to draw manga, and the best way for you will depend on your skill level and experience.

One of the best ways to learn how to draw Langa Hasegawa is to find a Hasegawa drawing tutorial tailored to your skill level.

If you are a beginner, you may want to find a tutorial that starts from the basics and covers everything from drawing basic shapes to creating characters and scenes; then, you must follow this tutorial that will take you towards the professional drawing of Langa.

Step-By-Step Guide to Drawing Langa Hasegawa

Now let’s start the drawing of Langa Hasegawa step by step.

Step 1) Draw a circle

First of all, we’ll learn how to draw a simple circle for the head of Langa Hasegawa.

This is an excellent exercise for beginners and will help you develop your drawing skills.

Let’s get started!

  1. Start by drawing a horizontal line in the center of your paper. This will be your guide for the circle.
  2. Next, use a compass or ruler to draw two points on either side of the evenly spaced centerline. These will be the radius of your circle.
  3. Connect the points to make the circle as below

Step 1) Draw a circle

Step 2) Drawing Outlines of Eyes, Nose, and Mouth

After successfully completing the first step, now it’s time to start the 2nd step.

We’ll draw outlines for the eyes, nose, and mouth of Langa Hasegawa through this process.

There are three easy steps to outline Langa Hasegawa’s eyes, nose, and mouth. Once you have mastered these steps, you will outline any face!

The first step is to outline the eyes. They should be almond-shaped and slightly tilted upwards. The eyebrows should be thin and arched.

The second step is to outline the nose. It should be triangular, with a small bump in the middle. The nostrils should be drawn as small circles.

Now draw these lines to aid in the eyes, nose, ear, and mouth placement.

Step 2) Langa Hasegawa Eyes, Nose, and Mouth Outlines Drawing

Step 3) Langa Hasegawa Face Drawing

Now it’s time to draw the face of Langa Hasegawa. Just below the circle, begin drawing Hasegawa’s face because it is unique and exciting.

It starts by outlining the face then adds the features one at a time.

Don’t use any reference material when you are drawing, so at the end, each portrait will be a completely original work of art.

By following this step, you can quickly remove an attractive face of Langa Hasegawa as like below:

Step 3) Langa Hasegawa Face Drawing

Step 4) Drawing of Neck of Langa Hasegawa

This step will clear the neck; draw lines for his neck beneath his face.

It is very easy and simple because just two singles parallel but little bit curved lines show neck of drawing anime.

Step 4) Drawing of Neck of Langa Hasegawa

Step 5) Drawing of Shirt

Draw his clothes now.

He’s dressed in a shirt.

Draw shirts collars beneath the neck, as you can see in the picture.

Langa Hasegawa demonstrates how he wears a shirt.

First, sketch the outline of the sweater on paper, then add details such as the buttons and the collar.

Finally, you can add shading to give the shirt a 3-dimensional appearance, and finally, it will clear the shirt of Langa Hasegawa.

Step 5) Drawing of Shirt

Step 6) Hair Drawing of Langa Hasegawa

When you open the drawing, your first step is to ease the hair.

This can be done by making a slight curve on the head, making the nose and the eye line.

Now draw his hair. His hair fell to the side of his face, obscuring his vision.

He has medium-length hair that grows past his ears.

And behind his neck, it is a very simple and easy process for moving towards completion.

Step 6) Hair Drawing of Langa Hasegawa

Step 7) Eyes Drawing

Draw his eyes, which are small and pointed.

Drawing eyes is pretty simple. First, start with a simple oval shape.

Then you can put small black dots on the bottom center of the oval shape. This will be the foundation for the eyes. Next, you can fill simple colors with small circles between oval shapes to complete eyes.

Step 7) Eyes Drawing

Step 8) Draw His Nose and Mouth Next   

In this step, you will learn the drawing of the nose and mouth of Langa Hasegawa. The complete step by step process of drawing nose and mouth is below:

Step 1:

Draw a line down the center of the circle.

Step 2:

Draw a line off to the right side of the circle at an angle of 45 degrees.

Step 3:

Erase the bottom half of the circle.

Step 4:

Draw two lines from the two bottom corners of the circle to meet at a point on the left side, parallel to the top line.

Step 5:

Draw a curved line from the bottom of one of the new lines up to the curved line. Erase any extra lines.

Step 6:

Draw two diagonal lines from either edge of the circle to touch the curve at either end.

Step 7:

Draw a small triangle in the top right corner where the curve meets each diagonal line and erase any extra lines.

For his mouth, draw a line curved downward from both sides at the circle’s end.

Next, you can make a hump-like shape on the side of the foundation line we just created; this will be the tip of his nose.

After that, you have to make two trim lines outside that hump-like shape and curve them down; this will represent its nostrils.

Step 8) Draw His Nose and Mouth Next

Outlines Creation

After drawing of face, nose, eyes, hairs, and clothes, it’s time to create outlines of Langa Hasegawa.

Before you begin drawing Langa Hasegawa, creating a simple outline based on your proportions can be helpful.

This is called a “skeleton” line drawing.

In this case, we are creating an outline for Langa Hasegawa based on our proportions. Now begin outlining, remembering to create a new layer for it.

create outlines of Langa Hasegawa

Step 10) Now, remove the previous rough work layer (The blue outline)

In step no 10, we are supposed to remove the previous rough work layers.

This step-by-step guide is to learn how to draw Langa Hasegawa from the best way; we begin with the construction of the face, then the eyes, and finally the buttons.

Finally, we have a complete drawing of Langa Hasegawa; add finishing touches to your drawing for completion.

Step 10) Now, remove the previous rough work layer (The blue outline)

Final thoughts

In this drawing article, we have looked at the process of drawing Langa Hasegawa.

We discussed the various materials you will need to complete the drawing.

We then moved on to the outline of the drawing and the multiple steps involved in achieving it.


In this blog post, we talked about drawing the iconic Langa Hasegawa.

We start this tutorial by discussing some of the essential tools and materials you need for the process. Then, we moved on to the step-by-step drawing instructions for completing our drawing.

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