How to Draw Hinata Hyuga from Naruto (Learn its Drawing in just 5 Min)

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In this tutorial, you will learn how to draw Hinata Hyuga from Naruto using simple shapes and lines.

If you want to create Hinata Hyuga then, it’s always good to study the facial expressions of different characters and how they express themselves through their eyes, lips, noses, ears, and cheeks.

This can give your characters more personality and help them come alive on the page!

Let’s get started!

Step-by-Step Guide to Hinata Hyuga drawing


Start with a Circle

First, draw a circle for Hinata Hyuga’s head using a compass or by tracing around a circular object of equal size.

This should be slightly bigger than you want your finished product to be.

The circle shouldn’t have an outline—it should just be one filled-in shape, but keep in mind that it will get smaller as you move forward with your drawing, so don’t make it too big!

Some people may find it easier to trace around something before filling in and enlarging their circles.

Start with a Circle

To draw Hinata Hyuga’s body, begin by drawing a large circs is where his head will be.

Next, draw an even smaller circle inside of it; these will be guidelines for his eyes.

Then, add two large ovals to represent his upper body and shoulder area.

Draw small lines on either side of each oval to indicate where he will later have and hands.

On either side of his face, add three lines that slope down at almost a right angle.

These are meant to show that he has ears sticking out from behind his hair.

Hinata Hyuga’s body drawing

Add Details in the Body

Draw outline for arms

Starting with a line that curves slightly in both directions at her shoulders, draw a shape for each of Hinata’s arms.

Remember that her right arm is over her left, so it will curve upward and inward on your page.

Each of these lines should start high on her body and then curve toward you to create her overall posture.

As you get close to finishing Hinata’s arms, make sure that they are noticeably thinner than her body (which will be an oval), or else she’ll look disproportioned when she moves later on.

This can also be said for all of your lines throughout this tutorial!

Be mindful of where your lines fall in comparison to one another so that everything looks proportionate and natural.

Draw outline for hands

Use a straight edge and pencil to outline each of his hands.

To get an idea of how they should look, look at our reference drawing image given below.

The outlines should be close enough that only minimal details need to be filled in later on, but far enough apart that his hand can fit inside them.

Try to use freehanded guidelines rather than ruler lines so that your drawing has a more natural, fluid feel.

 Draw outline for legs

The first step for how to draw Hinata Hyuga is drawing an outline of her legs.

The outline can either be drawn with a ruler or a straight edge (which looks better).

Use light, smooth strokes when sketching out these lines; if you press too hard, you may dent your paper and have trouble erasing.

Add another line at an angle on top of each leg that begins at her ankle and comes up along her calf.

This will help add dimension later on.

You should also lightly sketch a curving line that follows her hip down towards her upper thigh and ends right above where it meets with her lower leg.

The sketch should resemble an hourglass shape as you’re doing it, but don’t worry about making everything perfect; it’s only a guide for now!

Draw outline for feets

Use your pencil and get a blank sheet of paper.

First, draw out his foot by following along with the step.

His feet look like regular feet so it is pretty easy to draw them.

After you have drawn one foot, move on to the next step and draw another one that looks exactly like the first one.

This will make it easier for you if you want to trace it with your pencil later on.

Draw outline for Hinata feets

Draw outline for chin

Take a ruler and line it up against one side of your face, making sure it goes past your ear.

With that line, draw out an outline for her chin.

Keep in mind that she has a small chin; if you make it too big, you’ll need to go back with a pencil or fine brush and erase some of it away.

Be careful not to make her chin pointy—remember that hers is smaller than Naruto’s so keep yours just as small!

After drawing in her jawline, step back and consider whether or not you need to add any shading for definition.

Draw outline for chin

Draw eyes

First, start by drawing two ovals inside a large circle, which will serve as your guidelines for how to draw her eyes.

The top oval will be her left eye and the bottom one will be her right.

These circles should sit on a horizontal line across your piece of paper and not be placed higher or lower than that line as you see in the reference image given below.

Draw nose for Hinata Hyuga

To draw a nose, first, draw two diagonal lines that start at different points on her face.

Don’t make them both straight; one should be much longer than the other.

Then draw a line through their intersection and continue it out past her eyes.

The end of that line will form her nose tip.

Now connect her nostrils back to her lips with two curved lines.

For best results, add some shading to make your drawing more realistic.

Hinata hyuga's nose drawing

Draw stylish hairs for Hinata Hyuga

The first step in learning how to draw Hinata Hyuga is drawing her stylish hair.

Her hair should be drawn slightly shorter, with a bigger chunk on top and a small bit behind.

The ponytail looks like it’s been put together quickly and loosely, which is consistent with her personality.

Her bangs should be drawn at a 90-degree angle, and there are two strands of hair on each side of her head.

She has shoulder-length strands of hair that start just above her ears.

The last step is adding some extra detail to create contrast between different sections of hair.

You can add curls or highlights on any section that needs it or even shade with darker shades anywhere for extra detail.

Draw shirt for Hinata Hyuga

The first step is drawing her shirt.

You can do it by using a simple circle with an angular line for a collar, as shown in the image given below.

Then add some shading.

Now you have something that looks like it could be part of a shirt.

Make sure to draw over her shoulder too so she looks more realistic.

Don’t worry about making everything perfect at first; just concentrate on getting lines on paper and seeing how they fit together.

Draw shirt for hinata hyuga

Drawing clothes is usually pretty easy.

The first step in drawing your own version of Hinata Hyuga is drawing trousers.

Begin by sketching an outline.

This will represent one leg of your character, so be sure it’s a little larger than you want it to appear on paper.

Next, sketch a line that extends upward and off of one side of your shape.

Then, connect both lines with diagonal lines; these will eventually serve as guidelines for your new pants-clad friend!

Draw shirt for hinata hyuga (2)

The first step is drawing her long, baggy pants.

Her pants are very wide and look as if they are falling off of her body; however, that’s not true because you should make sure you add a line where her pants stop (just above her knees).

After that, you can draw the bottoms of her shoes.

Note: For instructions on how to draw shoes, click here.

Make sure you add white lines on both sides of each shoe for extra detail and realism.

Don’t forget about her ponytail!

It should be large and bushy like most anime hairstyles.

If you want extra detail, try adding a few strands of hair that come over one of your fingers while holding your pencil or pen!

Draw shirt for hinata hyuga (3)

What’s great about Hinata is that her features are very simple.

This makes it easy to keep everything bold and geometric—which allows for clear, clean lines when you’re drawing.

Instead of trying to draw these fine details, focus on big shapes like circles and rectangles.

If you start with these rough sketches, you can finesse your final sketch more easily.

When in doubt, remember: it doesn’t have to be perfect (it’s just a drawing!), so don’t get discouraged if things look messy at first; cleaning up your sketch is a cinch!

Draw shirt for hinata hyuga (1)

Conclusion to Hinata Hyuga drawing

Drawing people is not an easy task; however, with a little work and effort, you can learn how to draw just about anyone.

It may seem overwhelming at first, but once you’ve learned a few basics, it’s quite simple.

If you enjoyed learning how to draw Hinata Hyuga, then be sure and check out all of our other drawing guides for more tutorials! Good luck!

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