How To Draw Goku From Dragon Ball Z (Step-By-Step & Easy Guide)

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How To Draw Goku From Dragon Ball Z In Easy Steps



The most interesting character in Dragon Ball is Goku, so you should try it if you want to draw him.

It’s up to you to show as much of his expressive eyes, unique hairstyle, and other small facial features as you want.

Goku’s imposing upper body, draped in his legendary deep crimson robes, should be shown to add more information.

You can make a great Goku with these simple, step-by-step instructions and guidelines.

It’s good for kids and people who aren’t very good at art.

Saiyans fighter Goku is a strong Earth warrior. And he can fly on a Flying Nimbus cloud.

Aside from fighting villains, Goku searches for magical dragon balls that grant wishes.

Dragon Ball introduced Goku in 1984. Seen in numerous comics, movies, and TV shows since then.

How To Draw Goku From Dragon Ball Z In Easy Steps

It’s simple to draw Goku: Simply use pencil, paper, and this guide. An eraser, markers, or colored pencils are also useful. Don’t forget to add the blue indicated lines when needed.

The complete drawing process is divided into two phases.

In the first phase, we will draw facial features, and in the second phase, we will complete the body of Goku.

Let’s start drawing Goku right now!

Phase#01 Drawing Facial Features of Goku

Step 1) Start from eyes

In the place where the eyes will be, make a wrinkle with the forehead to make it look frowny.

You can do this with a pencil or pen.

Draw a very small horizontal line between Goku’s eyes. This is where the brow crease is. Then, draw two lines that point in the same direction on each side.

Step# 1 Goku eyes Drawing

 Step 2) Draw angled eyebrows

Make angled eyebrows from both sides of the frowning wrinkle.

Draw a curved line up and away from the wrinkle with the tip of your pen or pencil at one end of the horizontal line of the frowning wrinkle.

Create a curved line approximately four times as long as the wrinkle line.

Create a second curved line identical to the previous one but wider at the end, then unite them with a vertical line to form the brow’s top.

Fill in the brows using a pen or colored pencil.

Step 3) Draw round pupil

Make a round pupil behind the brow.

In this step, draw a half-circle from the tip of your nose to the bottom of your brows.

Make sure the pupil is completely filled in. Place it where the brow meets the wrinkle mark and move it around.

Step 4) Draw Bottom Side of Eye

Draw the bottom and sides of the eye.

A short vertical line should be drawn between the pupil and the wrinkling line.

Create a second vertical line from the brow to the opposite side of the first one, aligning it with the short line you made before.

Angled eyebrows, round pupil and bottom side of eye drawing (2)

Step 5) Eyes Completion

A horizontal line should then be drawn from the outside line to the center of your eye.

Repeat these steps to make another eye. Draw a horizontal line that goes from the bottom of the eyeball to its top.

Step#5 Eyes Completion

Step 6) Nose Completion

A nose should be drawn under the frowning wrinkle.

The distance between the horizontal wrinkle line and the nostrils should be equal. 2x the nose’s length vertical line. This is how you make a reverse “L” on the nose. Draw a horizontal line to the left of this vertical line. This gives the nose an “L” shape.

This is a great idea: Add a V-shape below the horizontal line to the nose. Draw an angled line from the tip of the nose to the right tip of the “V.”

Step#6 Nose Completion (2)

Step#6 Nose Completion (1)

Step 7) Jaw Creation

The lines on the cheekbones will also help to shape the eyes.

From the temples to the pointy chin, trace the shape of the head all the way around.

Make a small point next to Goku’s temples to make two small marks.

Draw a line from each point to his jaw. With the jaw, make a curved point.

Step#7 Goju Jaw Creation

Step 8) Drawing of Goku’s Ear

To make the ear, reverse the technique.

Goku’s ears should be level with his snout.

Make him a massive triangle haircut.

Your pen or pencil should reach Goku’s eye. You can arrange the pen or pencil to resemble a large triangle.

Large triangles from Goku’s sides and top across his head.

Goku has black hair. His hair can be blue, gold, or red.

Step#8 Drawing of Goku’s Ear

Step 9) Outline of Goku’s face

Now you have to deal with Goku’s upper half. It will cover his brow to chin, in Goku’s ears.

Place your pen or pencil where you already marked one of your temples.

Draw an ear that wraps around his head. Connect the middle and top of the ear with a right-curving line. After that, draw a curve toward your earlobe.

Step 10) Outlining Head and hair

Draw lines to accentuate his cheekbones and chin indentation.

Draw two horizontal lines just below the mouth that are about half the size of the mouth.

These will be used to pierce the chin.

Here’s how to make cheekbones: Draw two slightly curved lines directly behind one eye. Then, draw a line beneath the other eye.

Step#10 Outlining Goku's Head and hair (2)

Step#10 Outlining Goku's Head and hair (1)

Step 11) Outline the neck and shoulders

How to draw Goku’s upper body: Draw a line down the neck and shoulder.

Draw a straight line from the corner of your jaw to the tip of your chin. Rep on the other side.

Draw a long, straight line 210 degrees away from the neck. Another at 330 degrees should be made.

Step 12) Neck Completion

The rest of the neck is made up of angled lines that meet the shoulders.

Make a line using your chest’s most vital muscles. Do this in the chest. From there, draw a small vertical line.

Draw two curves up and away from the top of your lines using two “m” lines. You have set up a shoulder line earlier. Retrace the lines.

Make the hollow of the neck more fascinating by drawing a “V” on the chest muscles.

Make a sleeveless vest. Curl the lines in toward the chest’s center. Make a thick strap across each shoulder. Let the lines fade.

Step#12 Neck Completion

Step 13) Draw Goku’s shoulders

In this scenario, draw a shirt tight to the shoulders.

Make the vest a bright red or yellow-orange color if you want to color it.

The top of Goku’s shirt and the shoulder line should be curved. Before you look at the vest, consider the shoulder line. After the vest, slant this line left. Make a right shoulder curve. Then make the shirt’s collar. Line up the chest muscles.

The outfit shirt line should meet vest edges.

Step#13 Goku's shoulders drawing

Phase#02 Drawing of Goku’s Body

Step 1) Now, Draw chest for Goku

The beauty of Goku’s chest will be the focus of this Goku cartoon.

For now, we’ll need to think beyond the box.

Goku’s design is detailed, with many lines displaying his muscles and clothing. When drawing, focus on the image you’re utilizing as a guide.

Draw chest for Goku

Step 2) Next, draw his sleeves and his first leg

We’ll continue our Goku drawing instruction by detailing his garments.

Start by straightening his sleeves.

We’ll then mark his belt on the ground.

Then his left leg.

The fabric, like the top, will have many faint lines when it is crumpled. You’ll be done in no time if you pay attention!

Goku sleeves and his first leg drawing

Step 3) Draw the other leg for Goku

Make a copy of the other leg you’ve already drawn.

His shoes can be next after the leg is done.

As soon as the shape has been drawn, straps will be tied around it.

It will be made with a mix of curved and straight lines.

After we finish the legs and shoes, we only have a few more things to add before we can color in Goku.

Draw the other leg for Goku

Step 4) Now, finish off your Goku drawing

We’ll conclude our sketching session with this fifth stage by drawing Goku’s arms.

They will be curved and end in closed fists to give him the appearance of being poised for action.

Due to his powerful arms, it’s difficult to get it just right.

Again, it is preferable to adhere as closely as possible to the lines in the reference drawing.

Once the arms are sketched, the drawing is complete!

You could also include some personal information before continuing.

Perhaps you could illustrate a setting or additional people to follow him in order to recreate a scene from Dragonball Z.

You can even add features to other aspects of his attire, such as his facial expression or stance. There are so many possibilities accessible to you, so have fun and be creative as you complete this project!

finish off your Goku drawing (final touches to the Goku drawing)

Step 5) Finish off your Goku drawing with some color

You’re done with the last part of making your Goku layout.

It’s time to color it!

Goku’s clothes are mostly bright orange with dark blue accents.

You could make his hair bright yellow to show him as a Saiyan.

Then, you can choose the painting media used to get the colors you want to make.

Colored pens and markers may help you make more vibrant colors that match the colors in the program.

You can use watercolors or colored pencils if you want the drawing to have less color.

Your Goku picture is almost done. The colors and materials you use will depend on what you want to do.

Finish off your Goku drawing with some color

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Our priority was to continue this guidance as simple as possible by breaking down the different details of this drawing into smaller steps.

Hopefully, you found it easy and fun!

Keep in mind that you can change this design by adding your own things.

We made a few suggestions, like adding a background or more characters, but they are just ideas.

What other ways can you make this picture your own?

Take a look at all the great guides we have on our site! We add new ones all the time, so check back often.

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