How To Draw Anime & Manga Wings: Step-By-Step Guide

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Today’s article is all about drawing Anime and Manga wings(Anime Fairy and Angel Wings) with a step-by-step demonstration of every perspective. After going through this article, you’ll come to know “how to draw anime and manga wings“.

Anime style pretty fairy with curly blonde hair and pink wings

Anime wings may give your anime drawings a new depth by allowing the figure to soar over the Earth and other characters.

Anime manga cute warrior girl in armor and with a big weapon she is a savior angel with a crown

Anime girl with wings angel

The wings aren’t tough to draw, and after you’ve mastered this technique, you may experiment with alternative styles for different anime characters.

anime manga girl with wings

How to Draw Anime and Manga Wings


Step 1

Step 1 of drawing anime and manga wings

To make a face, draw a circle with a slight slant to it. For the body form, make a rectangle shape.

Step 2

Step 2 of drawing anime and manga wings

Fill up the top level of the wings using a pencil. They are leaf-shaped and should be positioned at an angle, as seen in the illustration. At this point, keep things basic.

Step 3

Step 3 of drawing anime and manga wings

To make the lowest level of the wings, draw more lines.

Step 4

Step 4 of drawing anime and manga wings

Form the arms into the desired forms. In this picture, the arms are extended away from the body. To get this effect, draw three oval shapes within the rectangle shape’s edge, as illustrated.

Inside the circle, add two sketching guidelines. This indicates where the eyes should be placed on the face in the following stage.

Step 5

Step 5 of drawing anime and manga wings

Concentrate on the hair and face. Change the circle guideline to a more pointed, heart-shaped base to sharpen the facial line. For the eyes, draw little ovals.

Draw the lines for the hair around the face as shown, presuming your character would have long hair. If you wish, you may make it shorter.

Use half squares to pencil in the tops of the character’s legs at the base of the rectangular body form.

Step 6

Step 6 of drawing anime and manga wings

Begin by fine-tuning the following features:

  • For the hair that hangs over the face, add jagged bangs.
  • Create a little nose and mouth.
  • Make a circle with your fingers, as shown.
  • Begin sculpting the rectangle into a dress that hugs the figure of the character.

Step 7

Step 7 of drawing anime and manga wings

Continue to fill in the blanks with further information:

  • Finally, draw a nimbus above your head.
  • Draw in feather tips and round the overall wing curve as indicated to refine the wings. This stage may take some time, and delete and retry; go gently until you have the desired wing form.
  • Slightly sculpt the eyes.
  • Continue to shape the dress and add the crossing ribbons to the breast.

Step 8

Step 8 of drawing anime and manga wings

Delete all of the lines that aren’t essential.

 Step 9

Step 9 of drawing anime and manga wings

Fill in the blanks with color. While the predominant colors in this image are pink and blue, you can use any colors you choose.

To preserve the sense of feathering and lightness in the wings, concentrate on shading in a jagged fashion. To maintain the notion of brilliance and aura, it’s also a good idea to match the wing color to the nimbus color.

Step 10

Step 10 of drawing anime and manga wings

Experiment with some different anime wing concepts. The options are unlimited after you’ve mastered shape and shading the wings, including rainbow wings, steel wings, soft or hard wings, glossy wings, and so on.

beautiful anime manga girl dragon with wings and a tail in her hands

Sexy manga anime girl demoness in white dress with bat wings and gold jewelry

How to Draw Anime Angel Wings
Step 1

Step 1 of Drawing Anime Angels wings

This is a pretty frequent style of a wing that may be found in a variety of animes. This is the classic and straightforward angel wing (feathered wing) that many characters in animes have. These wings may be created in various ways, depending on whether your character is a pure angel girl or a wicked fallen angel.

Drawing sharp-edged wings, rather than smooth and fluffed wings, will represent a deeper persona.

The primaries (numbers one through ten) are the most important.

Large flying birds normally have 5 to 6 feathers (eagles, hawks, vultures). These wings are ideal for humanoid figures, as they are primarily developed to help bigger birds in tactical flying.

2) are secondary feathers, which are substantially smaller than their relative feathers. The majority of wings have three distinct zones that taper into big to little feathers.

Step 2

Step 2 of Drawing Anime Angels wings

Here’s a variation on demon-like wings that you may use on villains. Because of the naked flesh of the skin membrane and bony human-type fingers, I find sketching bat-type wings fairly fascinating for villains.

1) Bat wings, like these, usually have four to five digits. For a more personalized outcome, you may add as many as you wish.

2) Adding wrinkles to the wing finger joints, wing membrane base, and other locations with stretched skin will make the wing look more genuine.

3) Adding rips and tears to the character’s wings will give the impression that he’s gone through a lot.

4) Because the wing works as a third arm between the shoulder blades, adding toned muscle to the base of the wing is vital.

 Step 3

Step 3 of Drawing Anime Angels wings

Here are some of the several sorts of wings I’ve created.

I’ve seen these wing kinds previously in various animes, so I figured I’d share what I’ve learned. To make a truly mind-blowing and one-of-a-kind wing, mix and combine wing kinds and styles.

Step 4

Step 4 of Drawing Anime Angels wings

Between the shoulder blades, the wings should connect to the base of the back.

The wings should never be drawn below the shoulder or over the shoulder. This will make them appear completely absurd and unreal.

Consider how they might affect humans or any other sort of creature in the actual world. Remember that having a huge person with short wings makes it impossible to fly.

Step 5

Step 5 of Drawing Anime Angels wings

The flow wings, once developed, may be difficult to nail down, especially since they are dependent on your character’s actions.

So, first, look up different bird/bat wings on the internet and notice how the bat flies. Then, you must observe and experiment with building various sorts of wings.

Step 6

Step 6 of Drawing Anime Angels wings

Begin by sketching two shapes: one for the angel’s head and one for the angel’s torso. Draw the lines for the arms and the broad wings now.

Step 7

Step 7 of Drawing Anime Angels wings

All you have to do now is start drawing the haircut, which is a little lengthy but straight.

Step 8

Step 8 of Drawing Anime Angels wings

As you can see, you’ll begin by drawing out his face, taking care to include the eyes, which also include a tear going down his cheek, the nose, and finally, the lips.

Step 9

Step 9 of Drawing Anime Angels wings

It’s now only a matter of drawing his clothes, which also serves as his upper body. Make sure your shoulders are wide. The sleeves should also be kept short.

Step 10

Step 10 of Drawing Anime Angels wings

Here’s where you’ll sketch out the arms. They should be thin while yet being muscular. You can go to step eleven after this is completed.

Step 11

Step 11 of Drawing Anime Angels wings

Finish the body drawing by sketching in the stomach and waist. Draw the legs next, and as you can see, this angel is bending down.

Step 12

Step 12 of Drawing Anime Angels wings

You’re almost finished with this instruction, and if I may say so, you’re doing a fantastic job. Draw the hands first, and then the shoes and feet.

Step 13

Step 13 of Drawing Anime Angels wings

You’ll now add stitch lines and a zipper to his pants to give them more depth and detail. Sketch in some of the body definitions on the shoulders and arms, as well as the scrapes on his upper arm. Make careful to draw in his belt as well.

Step 14

Step 14 of Drawing Anime Angels wings

It’s time to start drawing out the wings, starting with the top bone section. This is a really simple step, and once you’ve completed it, you may continue to step fifteen.

Step 15

Step 15 of Drawing Anime Angels wings

Okay, now you’ll draw out the feathers on the wings, and be sure to take your time, so the feathers turn out great. The feathers become smaller as you move down the wings.

Step 16

Step 16 of Drawing Anime Angels wings

To end this tutorial on creating anime wings, sketch the feather details and definition on the wings. When you’re finished, start erasing the lines and shapes you made in the first step.

Step 17

Step 17 of Drawing Anime Angels wings

When you’re finished, this is how your angel and wings will look. You may now begin coloring in your drawing to complete the piece.

This tutorial “how to draw anime and manga wings” was a lot of fun to do.

Wings Drawing Ideas For Anime & Manga Girl

Angelgirl with wings

Magical anime girl flying

We are done with the tutorial “how to draw anime and manga wings”. Please do us a favor by sharing this with the folks you know who are interested in anime drawing.

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