The Definitive Guide to Anime Panda Girl drawing (Step by Step Tutorial)

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How to Draw an Anime Panda Girl Step by Step


This blog illustrates step by step how to draw a kawaii character Anime Panda Girl with a panda beret and a turtle neck t-shirt.

This may take the following steps.

Initially, “panda theme” is more trending in manga and anime for years, and this anime character is wearing panda-themed clothes rather than resembling an animal inexact.

You may follow each step carefully to get a perfect anime drawing if you are new.

Or, if you are not new here, you may know the basic steps to follow to make the perfect face with the details.

Either way, stick with us and follow the lead.

Use the lightest tone of a pencil to make the outlines of the anime face.

That may help you further to highlight what part you need and erase the other to get a definite shape before finalizing your masterpiece.

Here we have used darker lines (easily visible to you) to know where to proceed and not go in a maze thinking where to start.

Step 1

Draw Head, Neck, and Shoulders Of Kawaii Panda Anime:


First, make a vertical line to divide the page into two halves.

We are about to make the frontal view of the anime. Do leave enough space so that we can adjust a hat on the top left of our character’s head.

Draw a big circle, i.e., for the head of the anime.

Then, we will draw the lower part of the face locating the jaws and chin to finish the head section. (See the sample picture to clear any doubts)

Now, make a thin neck with small shoulders so that the character looks more kawaii. Clear instructions for the lower area of the face:

  • Mark, the center of the circle. Draw a vertical line and a horizontal line directly through the circle’s center.
  • Then, go to the bottom sides of the circle. Now, start drawing lines on each side for about an inch /1.5 inches. Now, give a slight curve towards the center of the face/ circle and make a downward bump for a cute little chin. Going downwards, we will join the thin neck with the head. Slightly broaden up the neck as it goes down. Now make a shoulder outline.

Step 2

Eye Drawing:


Erase the previous vertical and horizontal lines.

Further, divide the full face in half horizontally and just below the horizontal line draw eyes for the anime. (Make sure you leave enough space in between both the eyes that an eye can be placed in between.)

Eyes should be larger than normal eyes. I will give the finite details later on.

As for now, our motive is to fairly place the facial features.

Step 3

Eyebrow Drawing:


Half an inch above the eyelids, we will draw two pairs of eyebrows. This time the eyebrows should be a bit smaller than the eyes.

Step 4

Nose Drawing:


Half of an inch below the eyes, on the vertical line towards the center, draw a line or a dot to represent the nose.

Step 5

Mouth Drawing:


Measure an inch below the nose dot/ line draw a simple mouth opening. (Upper lip is not nearly drawn in anime characters.)

It should be 1.5 inches above the chin.

Make a wider without edges boat shape for a smile, or a pout, make a circular wider ‘w’ shape.

Step 6

Ear Drawing:


For ears placement, we will start marking with the upper part of the eyes extending the upward curve downwards till the placement of the nose.

In anime, ears are basically by the hairstyle or mostly because of accessories.

To make a distinct hairstyle, the picture is placed for the referring, making it easy for you to follow up.

Step 7

Short Hair Drawing:

Anime hair is human-like but is drawn in bunches of strands together with layers of detailing. Hair detailing in steps:

  • We will begin with a simple hairline to distinguish between the front layer of the hair and the topmost part of the head. It will also help maintain the front layer; hence, it won’t merge with the head.
  • To make it easy, we will add some hair strands on the forehead. On both sides gave her a sideways hair. (We can also collapse one eye with the front layer of hair.)
  • Furthermore, add some hair strands in neck length to her left and right head side to give her a short hairstyle. (Basically, her hair is straight, so it will be easy to make them for beginners.)
  • At last, we will erase all the hair’s overlapping outlines and the part of the face and head that are now under the hair. (Illustration)

Step 8

Fluffy Panda Beret Drawing:

At the beginning of this blog, we mentioned clearly that ‘panda-girl’ is a girl in a panda-themed dress. (Berets are too cute to handle and are worn in anime and manga as fashion statements or part of the uniform.)

So, here we will position the panda ear beret on the top left side of the kawaii anime head.

We will begin withdrawing a hairline to place the fluffy beret as we have decided.

We can leave the hair volume uncompressed, as shown in the figure.

Usually, berets are fluffy, so we will draw the upper area of the beret with the panda ears sticking out of it while maintaining a fair distance away from the head. (Can make the upper part curvy too, may add little fluff.)

Afterward, I will add a thin/broad strip around the top left head halfway.

Draw one side in a folded position(left side) from the lower part of the beret, making it hang on the left side, as it appears that the hanging part covers the strip. (Reference picture would clear all the details above, so give it a look.)

Add highlights and detailing to the hair to make the beret stand out.

Step 9

Eye Detailing: 


  • Pupils
  • Hints of the eyelids
  • Reflection in eyes
  • Individual eyelashes

Beginning by giving a slight outline to the eyelids, we can make little curves that should be inclined towards the nose, barely above the eyelashes and closer to the outer sides of the eyes.

Further, we will make irises of the kawaii anime, shaped larger than the pupils, and then provide a reflection; We will make wider white dots smaller than the pupils.

To enhance the eyelashes, we will start making some upward strokes and coloring them in black to give them a popping look.

anime_panda_girl_eyes_drawing_step_by_step (1)

(Illustration) The illustration above could be considered for reference, such as how to shade, add variations, and highlight what part to make the eyes look more attractive. As it will guide you in steps. (Illustrations)

Step 10

Adding Details To The Turtle Neck T-shirt:

To make it a fluffy woolen turtle neck t-shirt, we have to make the neck part like a broad packed up scrunchie.

We are giving it nice curves on the upper and lower part of the neck area.

Step 11

Adding Details To The Beret:

At the topmost part of the beret, add panda ears, so we will make two semicircles elongate them enough, so they appear to be connected to the beret.

Now, for the eyes of the panda, we will make full wider circles on each side of the beret just below each ear.

In those full circles will add a medium-sized pupil in each of them, then a smaller pair of irises, and on the irises to give a lustrous look, we will make little white dots so they may appear as they are shiny.

Now noticing the central part of the panda face, between and below those circular eye patches, we will add an inverted triangle shape for the nose of the panda. (Check the illustration above for reference.)

Step 12

Coloring The Kawaii Panda Girl:


As we all know, pandas are in neutral colors; we will need just two colors to give life to the beret.

Furthermore, we will add color to the eyes, hair, face, and turtle neck t-shirt.

  • For Beret: Add black color to the ears of the panda. Then, add black color to the circular patches around the eyes. Add brown color to pupils. Add black to irises, and don’t add any color to the highlight. Make the nose black too.
  • For Turtle Neck T-shirt: Add a graphite grey color to the neck part of the t-shirt. Leaving the rest of the t-shirt in white color. (If you wish, add graphite grey dots to it)
  • For Eyes, Hair, Eyebrows, and Face: Add any same color to the pair of eyes or different colors to make them heterochromia ones. Proceed by adding brown, blonde, or black color to the hair of the anime. Eyebrows should be the same color as the hair. For the face, add beige color to it. If you want to enhance any color to the lips, you may add pink or peach color on both the upper and lower part of the mouth opening. (You can smudge it with cotton buds, so they appear as they are blended with the skin.)

Step 13

Adding Final Touches:


Firstly, we should suppose the light source somewhere above the head of the character.

So, it clarifies the shadow formation and will help cast a shadow on the final piece.

Here, the character is in a room with proper lighting or is present outdoors, so the light source is directly above her head.

anime_panda_girl_eyes_drawing_large (1)

To make the eyes less dull and to avoid the staring effect. Will shade the irises of our kawaii panda girl. Now, applying shade to indicate the shadow casting of the light source is as follows:

  • On one side of the nose.
  • On the left side of the head, the beret is present.
  • Under the lower lip. (You colored them or not up to you, but basically, they are of no shade)
  • Around the hair underneath the beret, we will give some shade as less light reaches there.
  • On the neck part because of the head.
  • Around the eyelids as less light reaches there.
  • On the irises as the eyelashes are present above them.
  • Around and on some hair strands as the hair itself has a shadow on other overlapping strands or according to their shape. The following pictures show the picture after the final touches, and all the detailing of the eyes is also present.


In the above blog, the character has given a ‘panda look’ by her costume and accessories. Not by giving her exact features like an animal.

If you desire to produce any other animal-themed costume for your character, you can take into account the steps given above but have the details of the animal accordingly.

Then you may add them to the t-shirt and the beret of the character.

Such accessories (especially animal-themed ones) are surely used in anime and manga.

I hope you found this blog helpful enough to draw your own ‘kawaii panda-themed anime.

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