How to Draw Akira Fudo from Devilman Crybaby (Step-by-Step Guide)

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Today we’ll teach you how to draw Akira Fudo From Devil man Crybaby. Stick with us till the end and keep supporting us by sharing our blog posts with your friends.

Early Background


Doctors Reijiro and Kaori Fudo gave birth to Akira. Akira had a wonderful childhood while he was still living with them. Akira was left in the care of Kaori’s friends, the Makimura family when they must go to work. Akira frequently acted as if he were a family member, mainly when it came to Taro. Despite Ryo’s harshness towards life, Akira met and made friends with Ryo Asuka.

Special Equipment / Skills

Weapons – While most of his classmates utilize swords, scythes, hammers, and other weapons, Akira wears gauntlets with blades that can shoot out of a particular slot, serving as claws that he can use to fight hostile humans and Grimms equally. While these so-called “Predator” claws are deadly on their own, he also can use a plasma-based weapon on the underside of his weapon that can only use if he punches things, so every time he sticks something, he fires a shot, making his attacks deadly even if they appear to be ordinary.

Clothing – Akira usually dresses in his school uniform with a buttoned-up black shirt and matching black slacks. On the other hand, his clothes are flecked with dust, which aids in enhancing his skills less than usual.

Skills – Akira learned to harness his body’s capabilities during his brief stint in fighting school. After his first use of his semblance of ability, he was permanently transformed as his real potential was awakened. His full potential allowed him to change both physically and intellectually, as his physical shape grew more polished and sculpted, and his mental condition became sharper, effectively boosting his reflexes, speed, and strength, making him a pretty damn formidable opponent when he is motivated.

Akira Fudo Personality

Akira was gentle and lovely before his initial indoctrination into the martial school system, but he was also timid and intensely emotional. In most of these circumstances, he used to weep a lot of the time. As a result, those around him thought he was weak since he avoided conflict or difficulties. 

On the other hand, Akira grew considerably more fearless stubborn, and perverse after becoming a hunter in training. On the other hand, his semblance prompted him to become significantly more sullen and aggressive due to his initially weak will.

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How to draw Akira Fudo Head Step by Step

Step 1: To begin, draw a circle.

Step 2: Design these lines now to assist you to pinpoint the region where you’ll draw your eyes, nose, and mouth.

Step 3: Underneath the circle, begin drawing Akira’s face.

Step 4: Draw his eyes now. His eyes are tiny and intense.

Step 5: Draw his mouth and nose next. Then, at the end of the circle, draw his mouth.

Step 6: By making the neck sketch, draw a curved line to make the spine. After making it, then draw a line to make a sternum. Make a rough sketch of the ribcage. After making ribcage, draw the waist. I add the belly button in this rough structure just for the indication.

Step 7: Draw his hair now. His hair is unkempt and unruly, descending from over his eyes as may be seen in the above step.

Step 8: Now, using these two lines, create his neck. Draw his ears and hair behind his neck as well.

Step 9: For forming a brief sketch, make an Akira line drawing, so you have to sketch by removing the rough lines, now moving forward perfectly. Then, if you are using the previous methods, give a light texture to make the rough sketch clear. 

That’s is now you doing with Akira Fudo’s head drawing. Now begin with his next body part.

How to Draw Akira Fudo Body Step by Step

Step 1: We approximately begin the sketch. Draw lines smoothly. We can make a neat sketch after a rough draw. Begin the sketch with a circle. Make a cross which helps in giving the direction of the character. 

how to draw Akira Fudo body Step 1

Step 2: Begin with some fundamental principles and guiding forms for the leg like we usually do.

Step-2 to Akira Fudo Drawing

Step 3: Begin by drawing the face’s shape, which is straightforward because of the style format. Draw the ear shape, the length of the neck, and the little nose and mouth last.

Step - 3

Step 4: the face parameters will be used to sketch in the forms of the eyes. First, make that the lining is quite thick. After that, you’ll draw the eyes, eyebrows, and lashes.

Step - 4

Step 5: we’ll now have some fun designing a little unkempt haircut.

Step 5 to Akira Fudo Drawing

Step 6: draw the body in the shape of a tee shirt now. First, wrinkle the sleeves and then create an indent in the center of the shirt.

Step - 6

Step 7: Akira’s arms and one hand will fill those sleeves. Next, draw the remainder of the tee, making sure it’s folded or laid at the shirt’s waist.

Step - 7

Now you have to make clothes. As I explained before, Akira Fudo wears a Pent & T-shirt. You have to make a Y-shape dress as an amazing T-shirt designed in this way. To make the Y-shape, you have to draw the lines smoothly.

Step 8: So now, this is the final touch. Clarify the lines smoothly in any sequence you want. I use two colors to make a sketch. For a rough sketch, draw through a pencil, and for the final touch, use a black pen. Because of this, it will be easy for me and save your sketch from any other mess.

how to draw Akira Fudo Final Step

Step 9: Now, I have to add some bends to the clothes part. Just see your wardrobe or clothes that you are currently wearing. Now, see how your clothes look like mean drapes in your fabric. 

Step 10: the final step in the sketching process is to draw the legs and possibly the pants, followed by the shoes—finally, layers, crimping, and wrinkling. You’re done after you’ve erased your errors and guides.


That’s it; you’re finished. If you follow the complete drawing procedure step by step, you can also draw Akira Fudo.