Learn Erza Scarlet Drawing From The Fairy Tail In Just 5 Minutes

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Lovers of the anime and manga series Fairy Tail will recognize Erza Scarlet as one of the strongest female characters in the series.

The character first appeared in the fifth volume of the manga and the first episode of the anime, though she wasn’t formally introduced until Volume 8 of the manga and Episode 6 of the anime series.

With long dark hair, a dark red ribbon around her neck, armor covering most of her body, an S-shaped scar on her left arm, and some killer battle skills, Erza Scarlet is certainly one to be reckoned with!


Erza Scarlet is a member of the most powerful and oldest guild in the history of Fairy Tail, Team Natsu.

Her known magic is Requip Magic, one of the types of Elemental Magic, which allows her to summon different types of weapons and armor with various properties and make-ups.

She can also summon other things, such as creatures to attack her enemies or shields to protect her allies, she can even change what form these weapons take, be it blades or guns.

Using your imagination, pencil and paper you can draw Erza Scarlet from Fairy Tail in 8 easy steps by following the instructions provided in this tutorial step-by-step guide.

This tutorial will also help you to learn how to draw Erza Scarlet’s face and hairstyle step by step with basic shapes and construction lines.

Step by Step Drawing Tutorial for Erza Scarlet from Fairy Tail


Start with a Circle

Begin your drawing of Erza Scarlet with a circle.

Draw it lightly so you have room to make corrections later.

For now, only focus on getting her head shaped properly, as well as its general size.

From there, you can start drawing out more details like her hairline and neck.

Take your time as you work through these steps; things may get a little tricky when you draw out her features later on.

But here this will be used for her lower body.

Start with a Circle

Add the Lines

To draw Erza, begin by drawing a large circle. This is where her head will be.

Next, draw an even smaller circle inside of it; these are her eyes.

Then, add two large ovals to represent her upper body and shoulder area.

Draw small lines on either side of each oval to indicate where she will later have arms and hands.

On either side of her face, add three lines that slope down at almost a right angle.

These are meant to show that she has ears sticking out from behind her hair—long and elf-like!

Add the Lines

Add details in the body

Draw outline for arms

The first step is to draw out an outline of her arms.

Her arms are rather large, so make sure you take some time and draw them as though she were flexing her muscles.

Even if your drawing skills aren’t that great, if you just try to follow along with these steps, you should be able to come up with a pretty decent drawing of Erza’s arms.

Make sure you start at one end of her arm and move along in either direction until you have finished outlining it completely.

Once that has been completed, you can then proceed on to the next step which is drawing out her hand.

Draw outline for hands

Once you have drawn Erza’s body, draw in her hands with simple ovals and straight lines.

The length of her arms should be about one-quarter of her total height, and both should be about as long as her legs from knee to thigh.

Next, sketch an oval where you want to start drawing in detail; there is no need to draw every fingernail on your first try.

Instead, use a series of curved lines to develop these details.

Draw outline for legs

Like any figure, you should start with a basic outline of your subject.

When drawing Erza Scarlet from Fairy Tail, begin by sketching an oval shape for her legs.

Make sure it’s long enough to reach down far enough and make sure it’s thick enough to represent muscle tone and body mass.

You can draw yours skinnier if you prefer (as seen in the sample picture given below).

Then draw a curved line that begins at her hips and bends down at an angle until it reaches just above her knee.

Sketch another line from there that goes straight up until it meets with the other angled line, but don’t go beyond her knee on either side.

Draw outline for feets

1. First draw 4 simple lines to form a rectangle.
2. Draw two vertical lines in the center of your rectangle to show where your feet should be positioned.
3. Draw an oval underneath as a guide for her feet, then add small lines inside to help create individual toes, and another curved line at the bottom of her feet to illustrate where she’ll be stepping down with her toe and heel.
4. Fill in each toe! If you don’t want too many details just block them out with straight lines rather than drawing each one individually or they’ll end up looking too busy and may even start interfering with one another (unless you’re planning on going over them again later).

Draw outline for sword

To draw a sword, start with a thick outline.

If you’re drawing it on paper, keep in mind that a sword will typically be drawn with long lines and sharp angles—which usually means it’s hard to draw freehand.

You can use straight edges or rulers to help get your lines straight and even.

Once you have your outline down, start shading.

Darken in areas where shadows would fall and lighten up lighter spots with a kneaded eraser; this will give it volume and make your picture look more realistic.

Draw outline for Erza Scarlet sword

Draw Facial Features

Draw eyes

Take a look at your reference photo.

Use our reference image of her eyes to draw eyes, and draw them directly onto your paper.

Consider all of Erza’s facial features when drawing, because even if you focus on one area first, it will influence how you approach others as well.

Remember to keep everything inside a single plane; every part of her face should appear in front of or behind another, with nothing jutting out toward you or into space.

If necessary, erase any lines you don’t like and try again until everything looks right to you.

Don’t be afraid to press harder than usual while doing so—erasing can get messy!

Draw nose and lips

Erza has large lips and a long nose.

Her nose is significantly longer than most, with thick ends on either side.

Her lips are plump and cover her teeth in an overbite.

Draw these features lightly in pencil to ensure they’re even before moving on to the next steps.

Erza Scarlet nose and lips drawing

Draw shoulders

In a similar way to how you drew her head and torso, draw two large circles on each shoulder.

These circles should be evenly spaced from one another and parallel to her torso.

The bottom edges of these circles should be slightly curved so that they taper into Erza’s chest.

Don’t forget to give your shoulders some curves!

They’re not just two flat planes—they each have an upper angle and a lower angle that meet at their sharpest point in her neck area.

On either side of these angles, create a half-oval shape that starts at her neckline and ends at both sides of your shoulders.

Draw Outfits

Draw Belt

Here’s how to draw her belt.

First, you need to draw a series of short vertical lines. And make sure that these lines are close together; they should nearly overlap with each other.

These will be your guide when drawing Erza’s belt.

Also, don’t forget to leave an opening at both ends so you can add details later on.

Then, draw another set of short vertical lines below that one and make sure it sits flush against those initial ones you drew before.

Erza Scarlet Belt drawing

Draw frock

To draw her frock nice and properly grab a pencil, and then make a line from one corner of your paper to another.

This is going to be your guiding line, so it’s better to be a little conservative with it than too long or short.

Next, you’re going to want to break that line in half by drawing two more lines coming out from each side.

Now all you have left is to draw a straight horizontal line (again), but extend it out into an oval shape until you reach that guiding line again.

The final step is drawing two curves at 90-degree angles like an L shape on each side of her dress.

Erza Scarket frock drawing

Draw Arms and Fingers

In general, drawing a character from a side view has less visual distortion than drawing from other angles, although it can still be challenging at first.

Lightly sketch two parallel lines for her upper arms, creating what will eventually become her shoulder blades.

Draw another set of lines that are similar in length to those drawn on her right-hand side so they frame where you’ll draw one of her arms later on.

Use short line segments to lightly create where you’ll eventually draw her fingers; then shade in with more line segments as needed to make them appear smooth and round rather than jagged or pointed.

Draw Arms and Fingers of Erza Scarlet

Draw legs and shoes

Legs and shoes seem to be a lot of people’s stumbling blocks when drawing Erza.

However, they don’t have to be!

There are some cool things you can do with her legs that’ll make them look so much better.

First of all, if you’re drawing her from a side view, like our drawing here, then you’ve to draw short lines for her ankles/shoes.

Then draw more curved lines for where each part of her foot would hit the shoe.

Make sure that there is shadowing around each line (where it meets with other parts) so that it looks kind of three-dimensional; don’t forget about adding an ankle bone on both sides as well!

Draw legs and shoes of Erza Scarlet

Erza Scarlet Hairs drawing

Hair is an essential component of a character.

We often think about eyes and facial features, but if you’re not happy with how your drawing looks, none of that matters.

So, we’ll start off with basic hairs to help you understand how to make them as thin or thick as you want.

First, draw two ovals side-by-side: one slightly smaller than the other.

Then, fill in those ovals with a cross-hatch pattern like so: Next, use your pencil lead to darken those lines until they’re solid.

Make sure that you space out each line so that there aren’t large gaps in between the large gaps will make it hard to finish later on when we color in our drawing.

Erza Scarlet Hairs drawing

Enhance Outfit

The dressing is one of her most basic outfits, a combination of red pants and a light blue, long-sleeved top.

Over that she wears armor on her shoulders and forearms along with a white scarf around her neck.

She also wears tall black boots that reach just below her knees, each protected on either side by gold armored plating.

She has another set of armor on her thighs and shins, with knee guards over dark blue leggings that match her top.

A sword holster is strapped to each thigh.

Enhance Outlines

If you want to get started drawing Erza Scarlet, one of your first steps should be to draw her face shape.

Since most people think in terms of circles, drawing an oval first is a great way to make sure that you can get that basic shape right before moving on.

From there, you’ll be able to move down and start putting in other details like her eyes and hair.

With those basic shapes finished, it’s time to add some detail!

Adding shading and highlights can go a long way toward making your drawings look more professional (and even anime-like).

Once you’ve got those down, you’ll find that Erza looks very similar in many different poses.

Enhance Outlines

Conclusion to Erza Scarlet Drawing

To conclude, we can say that Erza Scarlet is a well-known character in the Fairy Tail series.

She’s an exceptional mage who’s devoted to her friends and guild.

But despite all her efforts to help others, she has many enemies to fight.

But don’t worry if you want to draw her so much!

The tutorial below will help you finish your masterpiece!

If you have any suggestions or questions about anything, let us know in the comments below!

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