Learn Katsuki Bakugou Drawing In Just 5 Minutes A Day (Step-By-Step Guide)

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Bakugou’s power to intimidate is matched only by his explosive temper, making him one of the most explosive characters in “My Hero Academia” (anime). So, if you want to draw Bakugou like an expert, check out this tutorial on drawing Katsuki Bakugou from Boku!

All you need is to follow along with this step-by-step guide and you’ll be drawing Katsuki Bakugou like it’s no problem at all!


Katsuki Bakugou is one of the main characters from Boku no Hero Academia, in which he’s known to be the top hero in his class and can even hold his own against villains with powers more powerful than his own.

If you’re a fan of the series and wanna know about Katsuki Bakugou drawing from Boku, this tutorial will teach you everything you need to know about drawing this amazing hero from scratch!

Step-By-Step Guide to Bakugou Drawing


Step 1: Draw a circle

Begin by drawing a circle.

It doesn’t have to be perfect, just make sure it is symmetrical and centered.

The size of your circle will depend on how large you want your finished drawing to be, but an ideal starting point is 8 x 8.

If you want a high-quality print for display purposes, start with a slightly larger size of 10 x 10.

A pencil is typically used for line art, but if you prefer using markers or ink and are more comfortable with digital editing, go right ahead!

Erase any lines outside of your circle once you have finished drawing.

Step 1 (Draw a circle)

Step 2: Draw lines in the circle

One horizontal line and three vertical lines.

The horizontal line should be near where you just drew that arc.

If you can’t tell which side is up, draw a smaller circle inside to help you see where up is.

You might also try holding your pencil up against your nose and looking at it through slightly squinted eyes—this should help you gauge how far apart your vertical lines should be.

Add some lighter marks for subtle shading, but don’t overdo it!

Step 2 (Draw lines in the circle)

Step 3:  Start Drawing Face beneath the circle

Start drawing a circle (on its side) right beneath his face.

Then, divide that in half with a horizontal line and add a smaller arc inside of that (shown above).

Notice how I’ve also made an oval shape under his eyes by making another arc above it and aligning it with his chin.

Next, draw two curved lines that go into each of those ovals at an angle like so: Finally, finish off your linework by adding some more basic shapes for Bakugou’s hair.

Start by drawing diagonal lines that form a backward V shape right below his forehead.

Then draw two parallel lines underneath for his bangs and finally, draw some swooping curves at different lengths for all of the rest!

Step 3 (Start Drawing Face beneath the circle)

Step 4: Draw  short and spiky Hairs

To start, open a new document and use a pen tool with a thick tip to draw short, spiky hairs along the top half of your character’s head.

When you’re drawing hair with Katsuki, though, shorter does not mean simpler.

Each strand of hair should have its unique shape for maximum detail.

To start by drawing some smaller hairs in front of his forehead, draw some curved lines with small halts in them before finishing them off at a sharp angle at their ends.

For the hair that extends down past his eyes parts and in front of his ear part, use straight lines running down before tapering into tiny points or halts right above his cheeks.

Step 4 (Draw short and spiky Hairs)

Step 5: Draw Eyes and Ears

One of Bakugou’s most prominent features is his eyes.

They can come across as intimidating and sharp at times, but it’s really a case of misunderstood intensity and emotion.

That being said, let’s start with drawing dark black circles for his irises.

On top of that, add two tiny black dots for his pupils.

Now, take your pencil and draw several long lines coming off from either side of both eyes in different directions—you want them pretty sharp and thin like blades.

If you don’t have a reference image handy, just practice your shading techniques!

  • Draw Ears

There are many different types of ears, and drawing them may be a challenge for beginners.

The first step is always an understanding of what your subject looks like.

You’ll want to think about how large your character’s head is, how long his or her face is, where their eyes line up, etc., so that you have a clear picture in your mind.

Once you have that down, grab a pencil and paper and start taking notes on things like how big is one section of their ear compared to another?

How big is one feature of their ear compared to another?

How far apart are each pair of features (top part of an ear and bottom part)?

Are there creases in any areas? How much space separates each detail? And so on.

Katsuki Bakugou Ears drawing

Whenever you’re drawing any character, it’s important to draw their ears.

Without them, your characters will look off or unnatural.

Once you’ve got those down, it’s time to move on to faces.

Depending on your character’s face type and what kind of style you want, there are a lot of different ways to draw noses and mouths.

With Katsuki Bakugou in particular, though, we recommend starting with his eyebrows and hair before tackling his face itself.

His eyebrows should be full but not overly thick; they should only brush up against his eyes slightly at their highest point.

And just like that, you have yourself an amazingly realistic picture of Bakugou!

Step 6: Draw nose and mouth

The nose and mouth are two of a face’s most important features because they determine how recognizable it is.

Simply use your ruler to draw small ovals on his face.

You can always go back later and add more details, but for now, all you need are those simple shapes.

Once that’s done, draw an oval under his eyes for a nose, and then draw a small curved line between his eyes for a mouth.

The nose should be big enough so that it sticks out from under his eyes, but if you make it too big he’ll look like an ogre—so keep it proportional!

The same goes for his mouth; make sure he has enough space to fit some teeth in there!

It should be about halfway between one eye and another.

When you’re done, erase any excess pencil marks left behind around his face before moving on to step 7!

Step 6 (Draw Katsuki Bakugou nose and mouth)

Step 7: Draw Shoulders and Cloth wearing a Jacket

Drawing clothes can be a tough thing for new artists, but there are some things you can do to make it easier.

Use your imagination and have fun with it.

If you don’t want your character wearing something too specific, a good tip is to draw out their shoulders and how they look in general.

Then all you have to worry about is how their clothing fits on top of that!

Practice makes perfect, so keep drawing until it looks right.

Don’t forget that if you’re using manga reference sheets or step-by-step walkthroughs for other characters, those are great guides for learning about proportion.

Step 7 (Draw Shoulders and Cloth wearing a Jacket)

Step 8: Bold the Outlines

Most people make their lines too thin or too thick.

Thin lines are harder to see and tend to blend in with other objects, making your drawing look fuzzy.

Thick lines take up a lot of space and fill in a lot of detail very quickly.

You want your lines to be thick enough so that it’s obvious what they are, but not so thick that you have difficulty seeing everything else on your paper.

Just play around with different line weights until you find something you like—but I suggest staying away from super-thin or super-thick lines unless it’s for a specific reason (for example, if you want to emphasize speed).

Step 8 (Bold the Katsuki Bakugou Outlines)

Step 9: Remove Extra lines/ Details

Some manga drawings have a lot of extra lines that you should erase.

By erasing these lines, you’ll be able to get rid of excess details and make your final drawing look more like its real-life counterpart.

If you’re having trouble removing these lines, trace over your line drawing with a pencil first before going over it again with a pen or marker.

Alternatively, another way is making use of tracing paper: you can either hold it in front of your face or place it on top of your line drawing.

As long as there is enough light, you should be able to see through it and easily erase any unnecessary lines from your original sketch.

Once all lines are gone, only then is when you begin shading.

Step 9 (Remove Extra lines or Details from the Katsuki Bakugou character)

Step 10: Add Colors

Coloring is not that hard, but you have to use a lot of creativity.

You don’t want to color all of your drawings in just one color, it will look dull and boring.

Make sure you always choose colors that go well together; bright colors are good for outlines and dark colors for shading.

Step 10 (Add Colors)

Conclusion to Katsuki Bakugou Drawing

This tutorial will help you learn Bakugou drawing from Boku no Hero Academia’s Bakugdull using simple steps and basic shapes!

In just 5 minutes, you will be able to draw his hairstyle, head shape, and face structure!

If you love this tutorial, please feel free to share it with your friends and fellow artists who may benefit from it as well!

Enjoy drawing Bakugou! 🙂

Pictures Source: howtoanime.com

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