Step-by-Step Instructions for Drawing an Anime Fox Girl

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This lesson will teach you how to draw an anime fox girl. It advises on making the character more fox-like while maintaining an anime appearance.

Step-by-Step Instructions for Drawing an Anime Fox Girl


The fox girl, or “kitsune” as they are often known, is a frequent and popular figure in many fantasy-themed anime and manga.

This tutorial aims to teach you how to create such a figure by giving an anime female fox-like traits. The most apparent is the animal ears, but there are a couple more subtle things you may add as well.

Please keep in mind that some of the procedures will need you to erase sections of the picture. Unless you are drawing digitally, it is strongly advised that you begin this instruction with a pencil and keep your lines light. This will also make it easy to remedy any errors that may occur. Once you’re satisfied that everything is in order, you may trace over your design.

Step 1: Sketch the Fox Girl’s Head


To begin, draw a vertical line across the center of your drawing area. This line will assist you in determining if both sides of the head/face are generally equal in breadth.

Next, create a circle to represent the top of the head, allowing enough space above it to accommodate the ears, as shown in the image.


Draw the lower half of the skull, starting at the top of the circle and working your way down. It should get smaller as it descends, starting with a set of angled straight lines that transition into a couple of curves around the cheek areas. These should then convert back into a pair of straight lines that go along the bottom center of the head and are connected by the tiny curvature of the chin.

Step 2: Create the Neck and Shoulders


Draw the neck from the bottom of the head downward. Because this is a stylized anime figure, the neck should be quite narrow compared to the head.

The neck should next be followed by the shoulder muscles and finally by the shoulders themselves.

Step 3: Align the Eyes


To put the eyes, divide the head in half vertically with a straight line and place them immediately below it.

Avoid sketching any inside details at this stage; such will be added later.

The figure will have a very small grin in this situation; hence the eyes will be drawn somewhat narrower than in a regular expression. To highlight this, even more, draw the lower eyelids/eyelashes curled slightly upwards.

When creating an anime fox female, be sure to leave enough space between her eyes.


As illustrated above, when spacing the eyeballs, you want them to be just far enough apart so a third one can fit in between them.

Step 4: Fill in the Eyebrows


The brows will be rather thick in this situation, particularly towards the inner ends. Draw them just above the eyes.

For this specific character, the space between them and the top of the eyelashes should be somewhat less than the height of the eyes.

Step 5: Align the Nose


Draw the nose midway between the head’s horizontal midpoint and the bottom of the chin. Unlike the eyes, you don’t have to create another horizontal line to place it, although you may if you like.

The nose will be nothing more than a dot or a little vertical dash in this situation.

Step 6: Align the Mouth


Place your lips just above the midway point between the bottom of your nose and the bottom of your chin (as shown in the example).

In this situation, the fox girl will grin brightly. To give the lips a more animal-like appearance, draw a grin with show curves split up in the center.

Step 7: Draw the Fox Ears Drawing of Anime Fox Girl Ears


The ears, of course, are the distinctive characteristic of the fox girl. They could be drawn directly into the hair, but it’s a good idea to have some notion of how they’d connect to the head. As a result, the fox ears will be added before the hair.

Begin by defining each ear’s silhouette, then add the portions where the ears bend to reveal their outer edges.

Draw several little cracks at the tip of each ear to create the appearance of fur.

Step 8: Create the Front Hairstyle


The hair will be divided into three pieces for drawing: front, sides, and rear.

Begin sketching the front of the head’s hair. In this instance, it will be highlighted in red. The hair will be drawn in huge clumps that resemble tails for this figure.

Draw the clumps directly on top of the ears and head shape. Then, eliminate the bottom sections of the ears (areas where they are hidden) but leave the contour of the head to help you put the remainder of the hair.

Step 9: Draw Hair on the Sides


After that, add the side parts (shown in green). There will be two huge clumps of hair in this situation, shaped similarly to foxtails.

Draw these clusters in a curved line to seem to be “hugging” the face.

Step 10: Draw the Back Hair


Finally, add hair to the backdrop (shown in blue). This portion may be drawn with tiny clusters at the bottom that protrude out towards the edges.

Once you’ve finished creating the hair, go ahead and delete the areas of the head/face that are obscured.

Step 11: Create the Ear Fur/Fluff.


As is customary with animal ears, some fur/fluff may protrude from them. Draw it in a few huge clumps like hair, as seen in the image.

Step 12: Create the Clothes


While you can only see a portion of the body in this sketch, you can still see some garments.

In this situation, the fox girl will be dressed in traditional Japanese attire. A shrine maiden attire, often known as a “Miko.”

As shown in the illustration, you may draw the collar that is so typical of this kind of dress.

Step 13: Add Details to the Eyes


Now that you’ve defined all of the main features of the figure, you may add some of the finer details, such as the eyes.

Draw the pupil of each eye with a pair of highlights within each eye. You may also reveal a tiny bit of the eyelids by drawing a short curved line immediately above (near to the inner end) of each eye. Fill in the eyelashes with black or pencil shading, then add hints of individual lashes.

While the eyes aren’t precisely the same, the processes of sketching them are.

When you’re through this step, draw over your lines with a darker pencil stroke. You may also use a black pen or marker if you are confident in your tracing abilities.

Step 14: Use Anime fox girl color to complete the design


In this situation, the character will get yellow/orange hair and ears to make her more fox-like. Keep some white patches for highlights within the hair and the fluff of the ears white.

Please keep in mind that it may be quicker to place all of the white sections on top of the color rather than coloring around them if you’re sketching digitally.

More ideas for creating anime-style hair highlights may be found at Different Ways to Draw Anime Hair Highlights.

You may also leave a couple of white endings on the side clumps of hair to mimic a fox’s tail (yellow/orange with a white tip).

After that, color the fox girl’s face/neck region and give her a blush optionally. Draw the blush as two pairs of red lines slightly below each eye, directly on top of the face color.

Finally, make the eyes green and the inside of the dress collar crimson (as is characteristic of a “Miko” attire).

Make the eyes orange or brown instead of green if you want them to seem more like those of a genuine fox.

Step 15: Add Shading and Complete the Fox Girl Drawing


Add some shade and a gradient around the blush lines to finalize the design.

Mix some crimson around the lines made in the previous step for the blush.

In this scenario (as in other comparable instructions on Drawing Anime & Manga), the shadows will be created in regions where shadows are most likely to appear in regular lighting settings, such as a well-lit interior or daylight outside.

Put the shadows in the following order:

  • Completely darken the inner ear (less light generally reach here)
  • Some shading within each clump of ear fluff, with shadow tips shaped like hair/fur clumps
  • Below the hairline on the brow and sides of the face (cast by the hair)
  • Under the eyelids (as these areas are indented less light reaches here)
  • On the top sections of the whites of the eyes and irises (cast by eyelashes and also reflections of the eyelashes in the irises) (from the nose itself)
  • A little below the lip (creates a hint of the bottom lip)
  • Along the bottom regions of the hair clumps on the neck in the form of the chin (cast by the head)

After you’ve completed adding shading, you should have a final sketch of the fox girl.


Sometimes known as “kitsune,” Fox females are very popular in anime and manga. Like other characters with animal traits, the ears are one of their distinguishing qualities. In addition to this, additional minor and less noticeable characteristics may be used to make a figure look more fox-like (as shown in this tutorial).

In general, you want to include enough elements to indicate what animal you want the figure to represent while keeping the anime aesthetic.

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