Learn Anime & Manga Shoes Drawing In Just 5 Minutes A Day

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Today’s tutorial is all about drawing different anime shoes in a very detailed and easy manner.

I’ll let you know the core concepts of drawing anime running shoesschool shoes for animesanime high-heel shoesanime sandalsslippersskate boot shoes, and last but not least, anime boots.

Anime shoes drawing

So, let’s get started with the anime and manga shoes drawing.

Things to keep in mind before proceeding


Following is the catalog you must have to keep in mind before drawing any particular shoe type

  • First, Map out the whole strategy inside your brain, sketch it in your imagination, and estimate that if I create, let’s say three quarter view shoes, then how can I position the feet inside the shoes? It’s a good practice that almost every professional does.
  • It is good to go with a pencil while drawing anime or manga shoes because it will be easy to erase if you make any mistakes.
  • Keep learning up-to-date knowledge which you’ll get on this website because we update our articles quite often.

How to Draw Anime Running Shoes

Unlike other shoes running shoes are not that easy to draw

But It’s pretty easy when the avatar is at a normal standing position because, at that point, it will be easy for us to judge the size of the feet and the position of the shoe inside the feet.

But in case you’ll want to draw it in the running position, you’ll have to draw the shoe based on the character running style; in the following case, as you can see, the shoe shape is designed according to the character running style.

Following is an example of a shoe with a three-quarter view.

If you can sort out how to draw the basic shape of any shoe type around the feet, the rest of the stuff will be fun for you.

anime and manga running shoes drawing

Couldn’t get my point?

Don’t worry; in the next few moments, I’ll let you know and elaborate it to you more precisely so that you’ll be able to draw any variety of anime or manga shoes.

Following is the example of the shoe shape with a side view

anime running shoe side view example

Let’s illustrate this example to learn the core concepts of drawing anime running shoes; again, this is going to be significantly advanced, but you have to be very careful about these things when you are going to draw a running anime or manga avatar and precisely to shape their shoe according to their body posture

  • You’ll have to draw it carefully so that it seems to appear like a lightweight running shoe.

anime jogging/running shoe side view example

Take a look at the above image and see how wisely the creator has given the shoe shape; it appears to be lightweight just because he had drawn it at the right arch, so the first impression that comes into anyone’s mind after seeing this particular shoe type will be like that.

Newbies are forced to draw the toes outside the feet before shaping the shoe to have a proper view set that how do I position my shoe inside the feet, but if you have some experience, then there’s no need for you to draw the toes you can jump directly to the area of shaping the shoe.

It’s a good practice to sketch out your anime or manga shoe with a light pencil so that after shaping your anime shoe, it will be easy for you to erase off to make it neat and clean.

You can also look at this video; I hope this will clear most of your doubts.

Running shoes have cushioned soles which makes their shape thicker than other shoe types.

You’ll have to be well aware while drawing the basic sketch of your shoe; in this case, we’ll maintain a little bit more distance while drawing the primary shoe lines that follow our anime feet.

Last but not least, erase the unwanted part like someone who draws the toes for assistance purposes, and it also helps them shape the basic shoe sketch, but you’ll have to erase it right after giving your shoe a basic sketch to show neatness.

Finally, design your shoe according to your desire.

Now let’s come to the next part.

How To Draw Anime High-Heel Shoes

anime and manga character's high heel shoe example's

Let’s look at all three manga characters’ high heel shoes with two different views’ the front view and the three-quarter view.

Although they are not complicated as running shoes, they still have some steps that you’ll have to take care of, which we’ll discuss in the following paragraphs.

Following are examples of a side view high heel anime shoes

anime side view high heel shoe example

Manga high heel shoe side view example

First, you’ll have to repeat the same step as you have done right before in the anime running shoe drawing, and that is drawing your feet outline

You have to be aware of while drawing your anime high-heel shoe right, and that is:-

Make sure the feet will be on the toes; you’ll have to give an angular pushup from the ankles side of the feet.

I hope so; now you know very well how to position the feet for anime high-heel shoes.

Let’s go further deep down the rabbit hole.

You aren’t all done; you have just given your anime feet a position

Let’s draw a shoe

After successfully being given an angular pushup from the ankles side, now one more thing you must take care of, and that is you’ll have to firmly attach the toes because we are going to draw a sharp tip high heel shoe for anime.

Most of the newbies face difficulty in giving the angular pushup right from the ankle’s side.

Now I will give you a quick tip that I’ll use to provide angular pushups, which will make your business a lot easier.

Create a brick with sketchy lines right before the calcaneus side of the feet.

Now shape the feet by drawing toes on the ground side.

Now we have to draw the calcaneus portion of the feet.

We have to draw it in such a way so that the calcaneus portion of the feet will appear on the upper portion of the brick.

You have to choose the brick size according to the angular pushup size you will give the anime high-heel shoe; in this way, I am damn sure that you’ll do this job quickly and easily.

As soon as you have done shaping your feet, you can erase the brick, and you are all set up.

I want to let you know that this brick placing trick will be beneficial when you draw the shoe with a front view, but you can draw them with ease as far as the side view and the three-quarter view.

Once you have done setup positioning the feet for the high heel shoes, the rest will be the same as running shoes.
In this scenario, you’ll have to draw basic shoe outlines around the feet. You have to be careful of the toe side because we have to shape our anime high-heel shoe with a sharp front view, so draw the outlines of the shoe around the firmly attached toes and give an excellent brilliant idea to your anime shoe.
Now erase the toes if you have made it which I highly recommend you to do so if you are a beginner but if you have some experience already in drawing anime and manga characters and their shoes, then go without drawing toes.

How to Draw Anime School Shoes

Let’s get started with how to draw anime school shoes

‘Following is the example of the formal school shoe that is most likely, and most commonly feet wear off to be seen in anime and manga serials, and it is pretty easy to draw such shoe type.

anime school shoe three quarter view drawing

anime and manga school shoe front view drawing

I have designed it that way, but you can think out of the box and design it according to your desire.

But have you noticed something quite similar to the high heel school shoe?

If not, then take a look at the particular shoe type again that is shown right above the two lines; now you got the point, and you are correct; anime school shoes in most cases are slightly raised right from both sides of the ankles as like in heel shoes.

anime and manga school shoe front view example

To Draw anime school shoes right from the front view.
You’ll have to repeat the same tactic that we used in the high heel anime shoe. We don’t need enough angular pushup while drawing this particular shoe type. That’s why we’ll take 1/3rd of the brick. Start drawing toes on the ground side. Now we have to draw the calcaneus portion of the feet.

We’ll have to draw it in such a way that the calcaneus portion of the feet will appear on the upper portion of the brick.

For the side and three-quarter view, please do the same as we have done before by giving a little bit of angular pushup from the backside of the ankles.

In this case, It is not necessary to use brick as support to shape the anime feet.

You have to give an angular pushup; you can draw it very well without creating or drawing any support because these two viewpoints are quite different than the front viewpoint, where we have to map out even a single line drawing to make sure in giving a good front view. Still, as far as these two viewpoints are concerned, everything is right in front of you, wherein in the case of a front view, not everything is right in front of you; you have to create the shoe backside inside the paper, that’s why we need brick support in front view drawing.

Similar to high heel shoes, but unlike running shoes here, in this case, you’ll have to draw the shoe outline right close to the feet.

Erase off all the parts that come inside the shoe like toes etc. to shoe the neatness

Erase off all the parts that come inside the shoe like toes etc to shoe the neatness

How to Draw Anime Boots

anime and manga boots side view drawing

anime and manga shoe side view drawing

There are endless boot varieties alone leather boots that have more than 50 kinds.

I’ll show you the basics of drawing boots for anime; after reading this particular blog section on drawing anime boots, you’ll be able to draw any boot type with ease.

First, do the meditation of how you’ll proceed; maybe you have some different intent regarding shoe shape, perhaps you want to draw it in the side viewpoint, it would be anything else. You have to make a sketch already in your mind before drawing the shoe.

First, map out the anime’s feet and legs position.

You’ll have to shape the character’s feet right according to the viewpoint you choose for your character.

Either you want to draw the boot in the front view or the three quarter and side view again; you have to shape the feet according to the outlook you choose for your character.

After successfully drawn your anime feet, now outline the whole feet to give the basic shoe skeleton.

Leather is not a thick material, so there’s no need to draw the outlines farther from the feet as we have done in the running shoe, draw outline’s close to the feet in this case.

You have to keep in mind while creating socks-type shoes, and that is, they don’t typically contain lace’s or sticky strips, so you have to take care in creating the uppermost portion of the boot from where you’ll put your feet inwards.

So now the question arises what do I take care of while drawing such shoe type?

Make sure to draw the outlines a little bit farther right above the ankles to where it ends on your leg to show the naturality in the picture.

Again erase out those parts that come inside the shoe, like toes, ankles, etc., that you have been drawn just for the assistance purpose in drawing proper character shoe viewpoints and erase out to show neatness in the drawing.

anime and manga boots drawing example

How to draw Slippers for animes

Now, if you have studied the previous shoe varieties drawing sections, this portion will be fun for you because I don’t think there’s anything easy than drawing slippers for animes.

There are different varieties of slippers, but the following are the most common and most probably seen slippers type in the anime serials

  • Crocks slipper

Anime and manga Cog slipper's side view drawing

  • Clog slipper
  • With Toe
  • Without toe
  • Rubber Y Shape slipper

anime and manga rubber Y shaped slippers drawingBut again, we can’t cover all these varieties separately, so I have chosen those slipper types for you whose anatomy almost matches all slipper types.

Now let’s come to the point, what aim we’ll have to keep in mind while creating such shoe type because in running shoe we aimed to draw it such a manner so that it reflects lightweights.

When it comes to drawing slippers, we’ll have to ensure that their style and anatomy reflect comfortability.

anime and manga slipper's drawing

There’s no such difficulty you’ll face while drawing this particular shoe type because you’ll neither have to give angular pushups, which we have discussed in the anime high heel shoe drawing section, nor will you have to draw the outlines farther apart for cushioning purposes.

Like other sections where you have to draw the positioned base feet first, you’ll have to do the same in this section.

You can see on the above examples all three views (front view, three-quarter view, side view)of different slipper varieties.

Now let’s talk about Drawing Anime Clogs Slipper’s Type

Position your anime feet with any viewpoint(side view, front view, three-quarter view, ¾ view) whatever you want.

These slippers are designed to acquire comfortability because they have something called the puffy/foamy type of material enclosed inside them; we’ll have to take care of this point while drawing the clog slipper’s type.

Draw the close outline around the feet and create a half dome that cover’s the anime toes and end right before the feet-leg meetup joint

You can shape it according to the view.

After that, take the eraser and draw all unnecessary foot parts like toes that’ll cover inside the shoe to give your anime shoe a pretty lovely look.

The designing section will be all up to you.
I recommend you not copy-paste the exact style shown here; you can clone it when providing the basic skeleton.
For the designing section, always think out of the box, discover something new, and encapsulate creativity in yourself.

How to Draw Rollerskating Shoes for Anime

anime and manga rollersktae shoe drawing

You have never seen this particular drawing section on any site that I will cover for you.

Because I have an exact idea about your intent, I’ll keep discovering your purpose and write fantastic blog posts for you.

This particular shoe drawing is not that complex for those who have studied my previous shoe drawing sections.
But for those who skim the whole sections and wanna know this particular section only, it’s tricky for you because, in the previous areas, there are some parts where I have already given you some tips and tricks to make the job whole job a lot easier.

But don’t worry, I’ll you know from the very beginning how you’ll have to proceed while drawing rollerskates for animes.

Although it seems complex to draw roller skate anime shoes, It is not that complicated; if you know how to draw running shoes and boots for animes discussed in the previous sections, this section will be a fun and entertaining part for you.

First, draw the whole shoe sketch in your mind.

Shape the feet and legs according to the viewpoint you choose

Then draw the basic shoe outline around the feet to give the shoe the same view you gave to the feet.

Shape the rollerskate boot as like the regular boot and draw laces or sicky strips, whatever you like the most

Next, draw the sole right down the shoe that firmly grasped the rollerskate tires.

Draw the rollerskates tire which is relatively easy; you can take a look at the image and get the inspiration of drawing the tires for the rollerskate boot for animes.

Finally, design the boot according to your desire, and we are all set up.

Conclusion To Anime and Manga Shoes Drawing

Shoes are the basic need for anyone, either for humans or for the characters drawn by us; you might have listened to the famous phrase of A K Maurya that Shoe Reflects the personality of the essence.

So to personalize your anime character, you have to draw the shoes like a professional. After reading the above blog post, which I split into different sections, you’ll undoubtedly draw the anime shoes like a pro.

Furthermore, I let you know the nits and grits of drawing any variety of shoes for anime. I hope so you found this article interesting.

Now, we are done with the tutorial “Anime and Manga Shoes Drawing”. Please do us a favor by sharing this blog post with your friends, family members, or anyone whom you think might be interested in this tutorial.

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