Learn Akame ga kill Drawing In Just 5 Minutes A Day (Step-By-Step Guide)

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These how-to-draw Akame ga kill drawing instructions will help you learn how to draw Akame ga kill quickly and easily!

With step-by-step directions, you will be able to complete your Akame ga kill drawing in no time at all!

Akame ga kill Drawing (Step-By-Step)


Step 1: Get a pencil, paper, and an eraser

The very first step for drawing Akame ga kill is to get a pencil, some paper, and an eraser.

You may be tempted just to jump right in and start drawing Akame ga kill, but without a pencil and paper, you won’t get far.

It might sound obvious, but it’s easy to forget these things when you’re anxious about getting started.

Remember that there are no mistakes when you are learning how to draw Akame ga kill.

Once you do finally begin drawing Akame ga kill, use your imagination and creativity as much as possible!

After all, practice makes perfect!

Step 2: Set up guidelines to draw the character

If you have no idea how to draw Akame ga kill, don’t worry!

The first step is creating a reference image of your character that can be used as a guideline throughout your drawing process.

Creating your own image is just fine, but finding an existing one may save you time and effort.

Make sure that it’s a large enough size so that you can clearly see what parts of your character are being drawn in each step.

It’s also helpful if these reference images are labeled with letters or numbers so they can be referenced during your drawing session.

For example, Step 3A or Step 2B.

Step 3: Draw the outline for the upper body

First, we need to make a pair of ovals and draw an outline for their upper body shape.

In our illustration above, We’ve drawn one oval that’s about 2/3rd of Akame’s body height.

Then, we drew another oval that’s about 1/3rd her height.

Take note of their positions in relation to each other because they form her basic frame (or silhouette).

Make sure they are different sizes though! (Notice how much wider & shorter she is at her torso compared to how she is at her thighs)

Next, draw an outline around them using two curved lines: Now we should connect these shapes using two curved lines as shown above in our illustration.

Step 3 (Draw the outline for the upper body)

Step 4: Draw the outline of her arms, hands, legs & feet & weapon

Draw outline of arms

First, draw out your character’s arms with long S-shaped lines.

From here, you’ll use these lines as a guide for drawing in more detail.

For example, draw in some loose folds of skin and an outline of your character’s hands at the end of each arm line.

The arms should be bent at an angle so that they appear stretched out behind their body.

Draw outline of hands

If you’re drawing a manga character and want it to look realistic, get it right at every step of the way.

Start by drawing an outline of your subject’s hands, which will help you better define its proportions.

With your paper vertical and aligned with their belly button, draw one long line across their chest.

Then, just below that line and slightly above their navel is where you’ll draw another horizontal line parallel to the first.

Be sure your lines are smooth and not wobbly!

Once you have these lines drawn in a manner that pleases you, sketch lightly over them with a pencil so they won’t smudge while you’re working on other parts of your drawing.

Draw outline of legs

When you’re drawing your anime characters, it’s important to know how they stand.

If you draw a character with their legs straight out and feet together, they’ll often look more cartoonish than anime-like.

Start with the basic outline of your character, including two large circles for their feet—one on each side of a centerline running down from their torso and head.

Once you have those down, you can easily draw in lines for Akame ga kill drawing anime shoulders, elbows, knees, and shins.

Make sure that all these lines are at 45-degree angles so that your character will be able to stand up straight once you add in another line for their spine!

Draw an outline of the weapon

You can find all sorts of swords, axes, and even guns available in a variety of sizes.

But first, you need to get an outline of your weapon.

Put your piece of paper on a flat surface, hold up your reference image above it (preferably with a light behind it), and trace around each element that makes up your character’s weapons.

Start at one end and work your way across; when you finish one side, flip over and repeat until you have both sides drawn out.

Use heavy lines for details like spikes or ridges; other areas should be filled in with lighter-weight pencil strokes for depth.

When you’re done sketching out all those lines, move on to the next page.

Draw an outline of the weapon

Step 5: Draw Outline for lower face & neck

Before you moved to the lower parts, make sure that you have drawn a perfect outline of your subject’s lower face and neck.

If you don’t get these areas right, it will be very difficult to draw Akame accurately later on in the step.

Draw Outline for lower face & neck

Step 6: Draw Hairs

You need to know how different hair textures, like curly or kinky hair, will affect your drawing and which direction they will flow.

Begin by drawing a basic outline of all your facial features as you normally would, then draw in any curls or waves in your character’s hair.

Be sure not to make them too perfect; even if you don’t make them look exactly realistic, it’s better for them not to be perfect and symmetrical at every angle.

If you want more detail on something such as an eyebrow, add that in now as well.

Adding more details once all of your basic shapes are drawn will help complete your final sketch.

Akame ga kill Hairs drawing

Step 7: Draw eyes

To draw eyes on a character, it’s important to first sketch out a circle at an angle.

You can mark where you want your iris, pupil, and eyelashes with small circles as well.

Then, start adding curved lines for each eyelash starting from one side of your character’s eye and going in towards their nose.

Sketch out two eyebrows that start at a point above your character’s eyes and curve down towards their mouth.

For hair, choose one or two colors that are just outside of what you see your subject wearing.

You don’t have to be perfect with drawing hair because it will fade into being colored over later on!

Akame ga Kill eyes drawing

Step 8: Draw hands, fingers, shirt & arms.

When drawing your figure, it’s important to learn how hands and fingers work.

Watch a video of someone writing or drawing something (or make one yourself) and try to draw their fingers as they do.

It’s very similar in concept to watching someone dance or play an instrument and trying to mimic them.

Hands are simple, but they’re also really important—so take some time early on in your study of art or illustration, and give some attention to drawing them well.

It will pay off down the road.

Once you have a good grasp on how hands work, then draw her shirt as given below in the picture.

Akame ga Kill hands, fingers, shirt & arms drawing

Step 9: Draw Frock

A basic frock is a type of clothing for women and girls.

It’s a long, plain dress that reaches below or above the knees.

Frocks are typically made out of cotton or linen, so they can be very comfortable in warm weather.

The top half of a frock is often shaped like an A-line dress with a collar at the neck and short sleeves at its ends.

Most frocks also have cuffs at their hems, which can add a nice decorative touch when paired with other pieces of clothing or accessories.

Akame ga kill Frock drawing

Step 10: Enhance hairs

In general, it is a good idea to make your hair longer when working on a portrait of a character with shorter hair.

Since you’ll have to redraw everything anyway, you might as well spend extra time getting it right.

The same goes for clothing details like necklines and sleeves.

As you get better at drawing, you can start using shortcuts that are less ideal in early attempts—like making all of your strokes very light and simple or combining multiple lines into one thicker line—to save yourself time without sacrificing too much quality.

Enhance hairs

Step 12: Draw buttons, socks & Weapon

To draw in a more realistic style, it is important that you break down your image into basic shapes and forms.

This tutorial will show you how to draw Akame with these steps:

1) Enhance her weapon;

2) Add circular buttons on her vest;

3) Shade her hair with curved lines;

4) Add socks & an Akame ga kill drawing by shading in small patches of color with crayons. Finally, erase your pencil marks from both sides of your sheet, and you’ll have an amazing Akame!

Draw buttons, socks & Weapon

Step 13: Erase extra Guidelines

When you’re drawing manga characters and how to draw Akame ga kill, first you must erase any extra guidelines that don’t need to be there.

You can use a hard eraser or a putty eraser if you want but make sure your guidelines are light enough so that you can still see them.

The key is knowing when not to add them.

This will avoid unnecessary pencil marks as well as time trying to erase or correct your mistakes later on in the drawing process of learning how to draw Akame ga kill and here you get the final picture.

Erase extra Guidelines


This article provides a step-by-step guide on how to draw Akame from the manga and anime series, Akame ga Kill!

By following these simple steps, you can create your own masterpiece of Akame.

Leave a comment below with your own drawings of Akame!

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